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Careers Advice for School Leavers

I have interviewed a number of School Leavers over the years and been surprised / disappointed by the poor quality of CV’s and lack of interview skills. I asked one chap what advice they got from school and he said none. This concerned me because school leavers with lots of employment potential could be overlooked by employers simply because they do not know how to present themselves.

As a person without many academic qualifications myself, I know how important it is to “sell yourself” not just when looking for a job but as part of your day to day life. I am putting together a programme to work with a local school, offering advice to pupils who are not the best academics but still show potential in other areas and coaching them in these vital skills. Topics include: Resume / CV writing, basic job interview technique, relationship building, managing your on-line presence and some career advice. I will also be looking to use my network of contacts to offer some help either in person or on line if appropriate.

If anyone feels they can contribute in any of these areas or another relevant topic I will be very grateful. This is not due to start until early 2013 so I have plenty of time to plan! Please contact me on email if you have any suggestions.

Many thanks

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  • I am a school leaver but have worked for 10 years in logistics industry in Singapore and now working towards SAP MM Certification. I had to leave my work due to some pressing personal reasons and return to my country. Unfortunately I am suffering from major inferiority complex. I know i am good in what i do and i can deliver. I personally feel a school leaver is much more determined to prove him/herself as he has to fight against many handicaps. I would love to help out with this program.

    • Thank you Ranjit – I will keep your details and we can speak off SCN later in the year to see what we can do.

      Thanks for the offer and good luck in your MM Certification.

  • Tim, I am not familiar with the term, school leaver. Is that the same as high school dropout or high school graduate or does it refer to something at the college level? -td

    • Hi, School leaver refers to someone finishing school usually after A Levels so 18 years old. I’m looking to help people without the exam results to go to university.

      • I applaud your dedication. My focus is on Wounded Warriors, but we are kindred spirits, trying to give a leg up to folks who are often ignored or left behind. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

        Best regards,