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Rapid Deployment Solutions courtesy of ‘Team Jamaica’!

Hi and welcome to the final ‘Olympics-themed’ blog on SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions and what another terrific week. The 1-2-3 for Jamaica in the 200m was an incredible feat for such a small nation (in size) and what more can you say about Usain Bolt – now there is a man that can back up the ‘hype’, and then some! What a great character – the London fans love him! And as for the 800m run of David Rudisha of Kenya, that was just a phenomenal, world record breaking, run – he sprinted all the way round – I thought at one point he was going to carry on and do the 200m Final – he had the legs left for it. I hope he gets the full credit he deserves for this as unfortunately, he also ran on the same night at Usain & Co. So, apologies for a very tentative link to Rapid Deployment Solutions, but an appropriate one.

As for me, well I didn’t make it to the Beach Volley ball! The tickets eluded me despite my late night efforts on the website to get them. However, in the early hours of Wednesday morning I did manage to get my wife and 3 boys a ticket each for the Athletics on Thursday morning. They had a fabulous time and were awed by the stadium and the surroundings – seemingly it was a carnival atmosphere inside and outside the stadium – a once in a lifetime opportunity. And fair play to my wife for taking 3 young boys on the London Underground system in rush hour – it’s bad enough on your own, never mind with 3 little ones. However, she told me that people on the tube were incredibly polite and understanding – not a common day occurrence in ‘normal’ times – it would be great to think that we can retain the same sense of pride and community beyond the Olympics.

One thing that I have noted from the games is the spirit of the competitors – something I think we can learn from when we are involved in SAP HCM projects. They just don’t give up – and there are many examples of this single-minded focus on completing the job – did you see the American athlete, Manteo Mitchell, who, despite breaking his leg whilst running in the 4x400m relay, still managed to get to his team mate and pass the baton? – unbelievable – he deserves a special gold medal for that! But it demonstrates how, with the right focus, determination and desire not to let team mates down, you can still succeed in your tasks, despite sometimes overwhelming challenges. Imagine if you had a project team with the same focus as Manteo Mitchell?

Last week, Mark Chalfen, kindly took time out to make a comment about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in the cloud. His comment was an important one, as it raised the point of cloud-based ‘traditional’ SAP solutions as an alternative for customers to SuccessFactors, SAP’s declared ‘Go To’ solution for cloud-based HCM. Now, I suspect that Mark may have been referring to other SAP solutions rather than HCM specifically (?), but from own experience with ‘hosted’ SAP HCM solutions, from a variety of vendors in the space, no one has yet, to my knowledge, delivered a cost-effective, multi-tenanted SAP HCM solution – and what I mean by that is that SaaS (cloud) vendors, like SuccessFactors, are able to provide a ‘best practice’ template solution that is able, through a multi-tenanted solution, offer customers greater economies of scale by sharing a segmented but common platform that utilizes the same basic set up – despite the limitation of being more ‘generic’ in nature. The question I have for you is, has anyone seen or heard of a vendor who can provide the same economies of scale through a multi-tenanted solution? And when I ask, I don’t mean just marketing material, I mean a proven example of this where SAP HCM has been deployed in this environment for multiple customers? If we have examples of this, then this brings to bear an alternative cloud-based HCM solution that customers may be interested in – especially if you consider the cost benefits that Rapid Deployment Solutions provide.

Well, thanks for reading my blog. As it’s the last weekend of the Olympics I will, no doubt, be glued to the TV watching the final events of what has been a great games. The British athletes have done us proud and exceeded all our expectations. But it’s been a pleasure seeing all these elite athletes from many nations demonstrating their commitment and focus.  If we can display the same levels of excellence as they have done, we’ll have a lot of successful deployments ahead.

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