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Custom Hierarchy Extraction in SAP BW 7.3 (Part3)

In this document, we will see

  • Load hierarchies in BW 7.3 using this Generic data source and hierarchy transformation

How to create a custom hierarchy and generic hierarchy data source are described in the below documents.

Once the data source is replicated and activated in BW system, we will see all segments in the data source, similar to a standard hierarchy data source.


Lets assume that intervals are also permitted in the hierarchy.

These are the hierarchy tab settings of master data ZCOMPCODE.


Now, right click on the ZCOMPCODE hierarchy to create transformation.


Choose the data source and source system.


Once the transformation is created, we can see the mappings between source and target segments, and we can access segments as below.



Hierarchy header


By default, hierarchy name and object id from source are mapped to the corresponding fields in the target.

If the hierarchy is version dependent, the source field VERSION has to be mapped.

If the hierarchy is time-dependent, DATEFROM and DATETO have to be mapped. And the corresponding target fields will appear only if these version dependency and time dependency settings are checked in the info object hierarchy tab properties shown above.

Hierarchy Description


The above mapping for hierarchy description ensures, texts for the hierarchy header are loaded.

Hierarchy Structure


All the fields other than ZCOMPCODE will be mapped automatically.

The field ZCOMPCODE has to be mapped from NODENAME with ‘Hierarchy Split’ assignment.


This is because, the source field NODENAME can contain text nodes like CC1, CC2, CC3 (in our example) and it will also contain company code values 1000, 1001, 1003 etc. And only the company code values should be mapped to the field ZCOMPCODE. The rule type ‘Hierarchy Split’ ensures this split between Nodes and the values, and transfers the values to ZCOMPCODE.

Also, We need to add a routine for mapping 0H_IOBJNM from IOBJNM. 

This is needed because, from the source the info object comes as ‘BUKRS’, but this info object is not a valid info object. And the corresponding field in BW is ZCOMPCODE in our case.

So the below routine has to be included.


Texts for Text Node


This mapping is also automatic, this ensures texts for the hierarchy nodes are filled.

To Value of Interval


For intervals, We need to map LEAFTO to ZCOMPCODE and add a code in the start routine of the transformation.


This is the code generated by system, but by default commented. We need to uncomment this.

This code ensures that the intervals are splits from Segment 5 and added as single values to Segment 3. And the values are stored in LEAFTO.

But after loading the hierarchy, intervals are visible, not the individual values.

Texts for Hierarchy Level


This segment loads texts to the hierarchy levels. I didn’t use it, and left it unmapped.

Now we are done with mappings of segments. Activate the transformation and create a full DTP and activate.


Create an info package for the data source and choose the custom hierarchy that we wanted to load.


Now Execute the IP and DTP. You can see the hierarchy is loaded to ZCOMPCODE and appears as below.


Include the IP and DTP in a process chain.

Any changes to the hierarchy can be done in ECC using GS02, and corresponding changes will be reflected in BW hierarchy.

This concludes the topics of


  • Create a custom hierarchy in R/3
  • Create a Generic Hierarchy data source for the hierarchy created above in R/3
  • Load hierarchies in BW 7.3 using this Generic data source and hierarchy transformation

I hope this helps.

Until next time!!!!

Bindu Priya Chaluvadi

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      Author's profile photo Rogerio Vaz de Souza
      Rogerio Vaz de Souza

      Hi Bindu,

      I'm creating a

      Generic datasource hierarchy in TCODE BW07,

      in BW 7.3,  i replied and migrated datasource for the current version (7.3)

      as the document you posted point but below

      This error occurs during the assignment the datasource.

      Could you help me?

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very good document . 🙂 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Document 🙂



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello. Could you help me in my problem? I would like to know how you decide the problem with hierarchy loading "Interval node with the ID 00000004 : The from-value is larger than the to-value". I have read some information about it and i have done all recommendations and I have uncommented code, but it haven't solve the problem.



           I_IOBJNM      = '0COSTELMNT'



           C_T_NODES     = SOURCE_PACKAGE_3.

      I'm trying to find information about it, but unfortunately i can't find anything. Maybe i should do something else?

      Author's profile photo KONKA SREENIVASULU

      Hi Priya,

      Great Work.

      Working Fine. 🙂



      Author's profile photo Subhasish Sahu
      Subhasish Sahu

      Hello ,

      Great Guide specially the Hierarchy Splitting Code.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello experts!

      I create a custom extractor using the related table and field in ECC. I replicated  it in BW, and successfully created infoPackage and loaded data in PSA.  I also created and InfoObjects, configured it for hierarchy master data.

      When I try to execute DTP to load the hierarchy in target, I get the following error: "InfoObect ALTKT_SKB1 does not exist in version A" I was not able to find  ALTKT_SKB1 in BI content so that I could activate it (probably because it is not a infoObject Can anyone help me with this? I haven't found lots info on this on forum. Note: I'm working on the FI Fund management module JHN

      Author's profile photo Andreas Dietz
      Andreas Dietz

      Hi Bindu,

      thanks for the great post. Just got the hint from a collegue of mine.

      Perhaps good to know that it also works for BW/4 and thus ODP. I replaced the ABAP for BUKRS -> ZCOMPCODE with a formular which is also fine (I know ABAP but this is far too simple, isn't it).

      Thanks a lot again!

      Best regards