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Removing the Non Printable Charecteristics from data

Data  failure is one of the  common issues that occur in  BW, below are the reasons (often) why data loading gets cancelled/failed.

  • Invalid units
  • Invalid currencies
  • Invalid characters

I’ve tried an attempt to explain how to handle the invalid  characteristics in the below blog.

Removing Invalid Characters using field routine

But we recently faced an issue again with Invalid characteristics even after implementing the above logic! It gave us a tough time to identify the issue with the Non-Printable characteristics.

Take a look here, Data got failed due to below issue, Actually it is not #, it is a TAB!


How to identify it

  • Go to PSA and find out
  • Copy the data and paste it in a Run as shown below

By doing this you will be able to see the Check boxes like below instead of #



Now to identify what exactly the check box is? Then copy the data to a Notepad/Word , you will be able to see the data like mentioned in the below screen.


The highlighted area is the Tab.

From here I guess it is easy for you to remove it using the routine. Here you go


The code is just replacing the Tab with a space.

Now delete data and run the DTP, data will be loaded successfully.


Hope it helps you.

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