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New SAP Business One Test Composer (B1TC) release 2.4!!

Have you ever used SAP Business One Test Composer to automate your add-ons testing?

Take some minutes and have a look at it, we have just now released a new version 2.4 mainly fixing some limitations found in our previous 2.0 version. This version has been compiled for SAP Business One 8.82 version.

SAP Business One Test Composer is an automation testing tool for SAP Business One. It provides a simple way for mainly record/replay scenarios for testing purposes but can also be employed in many other use cases. This tool leverages on the well known and established SAP Business One SDK, on the .NET platform and on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment. 

You can see detailed information about B1TC and download it from this link.

With this blog we want to post the latest findings, news and known limitations of SAP Business One Test Composer Tool.

You can also use this blog to give us your feedback: do you find it useful, do you think something important is missing? 

Please give us your opinion:

Do you find it useful? User friendly?

We are really interested in hearing your ideas.

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  • Hi,

    i had a look at it.

    it is a very nice program and it might be useful for some people out there.

    for me – being a sap business one developer – at the moment it will not improve my work and i will tell you why:

    – i know before what the customer needs

    – customers act never static. testing means that you have to deal with “strange user acting/behavior”. it is the work of a developer to prevent crashing or wrong results.

    – i prefer developing own code than running scripts on a client computer

    anyway, i like the idea/program and i will maybe once use it as a “script” to duplicate some work in another company.

    thank you for your effort & time!

    lg David

    • Hi David,

      I am a s/w tester with little knowledge about programming. I would like to use B1 TC for functional testing of our add-ons. Will it be possible for me to do the functional testing(add-on’s expected against add-on’s actual) of the add-on using B1 TC? Could anyone explain with some examples so that I can start with B1 TC.

      Our add-on has a window that allows the user to filter and display BPs in the matrix. User can select a Payment Term from the drop down and click Refresh button. Then the BPs with matching payment term should be listed in the matrix/gird. Here I want to check whether the BPs listed is correct. Do you think B1 Test Composer can do this?



      • Hi Sam,

        sorry for the delay.

        to be absolutely honest, i still dont use Business One Test Composer – i just had a look at it and posted my opinion.

        Iam a really oldschool sap business one developer and startet about 10 years ago.

        I learned developing and testing in sap business one on my own and like i stated in my first post, i prefer testing without any external tools.

        now about your issue:

        In your case, if i understand correctly, you want to use B1TC to proof the displayed data.

        I dont know the logic of the program, you said filtering – do you display data

        from mssql database or do you filter UI data?

        You said you are not familar with testing – thats actually not the problem i see here.

        Important is that you know what data you expect and that you can proof the data (for example via select  in mssql managment studio).

        i can try to help you to validate your data as long as i know the whole process.

        gain, in my opinion, the best way to test a sap business one addon is the way the user works with it – that means you run the addon and behave like a (dummy) user.

        If you ask me, B1TC might be useful, but it can never 100% replace real testing or data validating.

        you can find my email address in my profile for the next days – feel free to write me an email.



        • Hi David,

          Thanks for the response. I am a software tester doing manual testing. But my intention is to use B1 TC for test automation.

          Let me explain the scenario once again. The Payment Term combo in our add-on’s Payment Term Update Utility form will list the payment terms ZPNET30, NET30, -Cash Basic’ etc. On selecting one of these values (say NET30), the matrix in the form is expected to list only those BPs with matching payment term(NET30). Here I need to ensure that all the BPs listed here are having the same payment term as ‘NET30’.

          While recording this action using B1 TC, let us assume that the BPs listed in the matrix are as in the below image.

          Payment Term Update.png

          But when I rerun the B1 TC script at some later time, the BPs list might vary because of addition of new BPs to the database or changing of payment term of the existing BPs. In this instance, the Compare Matrix function of B1 TC fails, as the expected matrix values are not the same when we re-run the script. But all the BPs listed will have the matching payment term(NET30). So B1 TC reports a bug even if the functioning of the add-on is correct.

          When I manually do the testing, I apply the filter and then load each of the BP Master Data to check whether the payment term matches the selected one in the form. Then I will change and update the payment term of the existing BP or add new BPs and again performs the filtering to check whether the search result is correct. Is there a mechanism with B1 TC to handle such scenario, like accessing each individual rows/cells of the matrix/grid and check the payment term of the BPs listed?

          Or are you suggesting the manual testing as the most powerful mechanism with SAP add-on testing? What kind of testing you are doing?



          Payment Term Update.png
          • Hi Sam,

            B1TC is a very usefull tool helping you to reduce the amount of manual testing to be done repeating always the same operation.

            You need to ensure the tests are run always on the same database being in the same status. For doing so you can use the restore DB option to always start your test series with the same DB status. I recomend you to group your test cases in scenarios and do a DB restore at the begining of the scenario.



          • Hi Trinidad,

            Thanks for the response. Could you please give me your email address to contact, so that I can explain certain scenarios and seek your help to implement the automation testing using B1 TC?



          • Hi Sam,

            Please create messages in the SCN forums that we have available for B1 topics, keep this blog for generic topics or list of features/fixes to be reported to SAP.

            Many partners in the community are using B1TC for their testing and will be able to share their tips with you via our B1 forums.



          • Hi Trinidad,

            Is it possible for B1 TC to compare dynamic values? Is there a mechanism with B1 TC to access each individual rows/cells of the matrix/grid and check the value accordingly? Is it possible for B1 TC to compare the enabled/disabled status of the screen objects like matrix, button, or text box etc.?



  • Hi,

    firstly thanks a lot for releasing new version of B1TC. I create many test scripts for automation testing Add-on solution for SAP Business One.

    B1TC is a great tool but still occur a few bugs or limitations related to apllication and/or recording and replaying test scripts.

    Below are the entries describing found (in current version but some in previous versions too) problems:

    requirement importance description (from my point of view):

    (red star) – critical bug/limitation

    (star) – major bug/limitation

    (blue star) – minor bug/limitation or feature

    I hope above problems (critical/major at least) will be solved in next B1TC release.

    Kind Regards,

    Winicjusz Bartoszewicz

  • Hi !..

    B1 TC new version 9.1 will be published, the new version focus on bug fix and compatibility for Win7. I updated the release notes, hope you’ll use it more smoothly. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Coco Chen

  • Hi,

    thank you for the release of new B1TC version. Some issues are fixed, some are obsolete so I updated them. Currently (B1TC 9.1 [2.4.111218752], SAP B1 9.1 PL08, Windows 8.1 Enterprise) following issues are actual:

    * importance description (from my point of view):

    (star) – major

    (blue star) – minor

    I hope above issues will be solved in next B1TC release.