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Migrating CCMS to Technical Monitoring


The 7.1 release of SAP Solution Manager introduces Technical Operations for monitoring, administration, and analysis of SAP system performance. Tech Operations can replace what you currently have and probably provide some more application level monitoring than other tools can provide.


Technical Operations will replace the CCMS infrastructure even though CCMS is still supported in Solution Manager 7.1. Technical Operations is also required for other Solution Manager 7.1 features like Downtime Planning, Service Level Reporting, Data Volume Management, etc.  In terms of effort, once you upgrade from Solution Manager 7.01, you will need to complete System Preparation and Basic Configuration as part of SOLMAN_SETUP and make sure every traffic light is green – no exceptions!

Overview – CCMS Migration:

After you have completed System Preparation and Basic Configuration, you will move into Managed System Configuration which includes installation and attachment of Diagnostic Agent. Then Technical Monitoring is another SOLMAN_SETUP wizard wherein you are creating monitoring templates, applying monitoring to servers, defining alert types, etc.

Technical Operations is only available in Solution Manager 7.1.  The work you have done so far around CCMS will be preserved during and after upgrade.  You will need to eventually migrate monitoring from CCMS to Tech Operations.

CCMS is still there but you will need to migrate over. Technical Operations requires more effort to configure on the Solution Manager side.  It is recommended to upgrade all Diagnostic agents to 7.30 to make the process easier.

Most common issue with Tech Ops is not completing the prerequisites mentioned in the post above.  Another issue is activating too many alerts which send to email.  We don’t want to flood mailboxes with every alert from SAP.  Start with 10 or so monitors and add as conditions occur.

Steps to Configure CCMS Migration:

The content is provided by a variety of mechanisms.  First you need to make sure you have run Managed System Configuration for the system to be monitored before applying the Monitor Templates.  You generate the read RFCs using Managed System Configuration.  Also you may like to deploy or upgrade all agents to DAA 7.30.  Two reasons – you will face less issues with RCA when using DAA 7.30 and it installs the latest SAP Host Agent which replaces CCMS agents.  DAA 7.30 supports NW 6.40 and above – so there isn’t really a reason not to use DAA 7.30.  It’s less work!

  1. Get the JAVA system into an SLD which feeds into the LMDB.  This is the absolute necessary first step.  Get that system into an SLD which has a bridge to the Solution Manager SLD/LMDB.  Never add a NetWeaver system manually to SMSY – it should always read from SLD/LMDB.
  2. Deploy the DAA 7.30 agent (or upgrade the existing) and register the agent during install phase to the Solution Manager SLD/LMDB
  3. When it’s in SMSY correctly – assign the product system and run Manager System Configuration via SOLMAN_SETUP on that system.
  4. Next, run the Technical Monitoring wizard in SOLMAN_SETUP
  5. Modify and apply monitor templates using the guide available at
  6. Notification Management is tricky!  Stumped me during ramp up on how to get emails/names in a list to send alerts to. Basically – here’s what you need to do:
    • Run SOLMAN_SETUP Sys Prep & Basic Configuration
    • Run Managed System Configuration
    • Go to Tech Admin Workcenter > Notification Management > Global Recipient Pool – Here you add who is available to receive alerts
    • Go to Recipient Lists and create your notification lists which will contain the people you added in Step 3
    • Add the list you created in Step 4 to the notification section in your monitor template and you’re good!

You must install Wily Enterprise Manager on Solution Manager and the agents on the managed systems.  Solution Manager uses the data collected by Wily to create the JAVA Early Watch Reports.  Also note – you need to deploy Diagnostic Agents 7.30 to the JAVA system as well. Wily isn’t all bad – I recently used it to debug some JAVA garbage collection issues and realized we needed to add another server instance on the specific portal system.

If you haven’t fully deployed alerts – but have them defined – you have laid the foundation for Tech Ops.  One of the biggest hurdles with deploying monitoring is determining what to monitor.  If you have your Top 10 list now – you should be able to move into Tech Ops quickly as below:

  1. Run SOLMAN_SETUP, System Preparation, Basic Configuration and Managed System Configuration.
  2. Copy and modify the default monitor templates from SAP.
  3. Don’t forget to create a package in SE80 to store the modified templates. Never store in $TMP – we never know if we’ll have to transport these things!
  4. Leave the default metrics/alerts active but pick and choose which ones send an email alert.
  5. Solution Manager 7.1 CCMS is the same as SM 7.01 CCMS.  If you are referring to Technical Operations – it has a ton of new functionality as opposed to CCMS.  And Tech Ops is the foundation for other Solution Manager components.
  6. If you want to run Early Watch Reports for Solution Manager – it has a JAVA stack and will need the Wily data in order to complete the EWA report.
  7. There are major changes/enhancements between CCMS and Technical Operations win Solution Manager 7.1.  If you have not started deploying/Configuring CCMS – then it makes sense to move to Technical Operations.

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      Wipro Basis team

      Hi, How to configure the alert notification without attachment  in solution manager 7.1 ?