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The error message “Unsupported Operation. A document processed by the JRC engine cannot be opened in the C++ stack” is very generic and can be caused by many different factors.

Here is some useful information regarding the possible causes and possible solutions to this issue.


Consider a windows / web application developed either with VS 2008 and CR 2008 or VS 2010 and CR for VS 2010. (Mainly, any compatible combination of VS and CR).

This issue mainly occurs after the application is deployed; same solution applies to the development environment too.

Possible causes and Resolutions:

The only cause to this issue is that “The application could not find the crystal report (.rpt )” be whatever the reason.

Here are the possible reasons for this error message.

  • The report location specified in the ‘Load ()’ method is invalid or report does not exist at that location. :

This happens because while developing the application, report location is specified from the dev machine but once the application is deployed, the location changes with respect to IIS folder structure.

  • Reports are not intact :

If the Reports are published using visual studio ‘Publish’ option but if not published properly there is a possibility that the reports may loose content or get corrupted. The best way to check this is too compare the report sizes from the Dev and Prod / client machine.

  • Random change of permissions or Security / Access policy:

This is a possible cause when some times the report works but sometimes it throws the error. You may want to check the Security policy applied to your machine/ domain if the rights for your application over the report location are variable / changing.

Use Process Monitor and look for any access denied errors or permission issues.

  • All the possible causes to the ‘Load report failed’ error message also apply to this issue as well. Here’s the best article written by Ludek which covers them all.

Troubleshooting the Load Report Failed Error

  • The other strong cause to this issue is the print job limit of the Crystal print engine getting exceeded. Consider a scenario where the application performs multiple view / export / print functions on reports, reports work fine most of the times but intermittently throw this exception. Below is the document you might want to take a look at to resolve this issue.

Crystal Reports Maximum Report Processing Jobs Limit

And finally, to avoid many such common issues here are some recommendations by SAP.

Improving Crystal Reports Performance in Visual Studio .NET Applications

I will be updating this document if I come across more such causes to this issue.

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