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SAP Browser Support, ESS/MSS – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, ipad – How to get some quick wins.

There still seems to be numerous confusion over which browsers work and don’t work with SAP.

Hopefully this blog should help Technical Consultants in the correct direction and help with some common problems and issues.

The first note EVERYONE should read is SAP note 1666862, Allowing NON Supported browsers to access the portal, whilst not guaranteed we have switched off browser checking to 6000 end users and have had no major problems on the ESS/MSS landscape.

We have a wide ranging Mac Community including our CIO.

Whilst sounding scary, the entire purpose of this note is to help end users.

1) It removes the issues surrounding the Firefox rapid release cycle, chrome and safari access – allows safari mac and chrome access.

Whilst not supported, any portal patched up-to the levels mentioned in this note won’t get a “Browser Not supported” Message.

We have implemented the latest 7.0 patches and can confirm that this problem is fixed.

2) Another huge benefit of patching is the following, crucial paragraph in this note……

For customers on NW Portal 7.0

” Login to the portal with supper admin user. Navigate to “System Configuration”. Select “Service Configuration” in DTN. Open “Applications” and navigate to “” -> Services. Select “allowotherbrowsers” service and open (configure) it. By default for NetWeaver 7.00 and 7.01 portals the property “Allow other browsers” set to “true”, for NetWeaver 7.02 the property set to “false”. In order to allow other browsers to acces the portal this property should be set to “true”. After saving the new value restart the “|allowotherbrowsers” service (right click on “” and select “Administrate”). Log off the portal. Try to access portal with browser different than supported by the default, for example Google Chrome.

This removes ANY browser restrictions and even allows ESS/MSS to be accessed on a iPad with a VPN connection.

This works, i’ve personally tested it, so long as your behind your corporate firewall you can view your Payslip, Book leave and Approve UWL messages(Just) using your iPad.

3) You will get MAJOR benefits from implementing EHP4+ /SRM 7/ The absolute latest NW7 Portal patches available as most of the webkit bugs are fixed.

4) On any ITS based transaction set the following parameter  which remove SICF based checked. –


Allows you to use chrome and safari with the Web Gui.

I also can’t stress enough how important it is to have the correct SAP technical landscape as well.

Any ERP customers running a dual stack Portal – ERP Java instance should look as soon as possible at removing the ERP Java stack and moving to a single stack ERP system.

The main message though is to PATCH your systems and read the notes available.

Any other issues feel free to ask.

We deploy ESS/MSS/SRM/E-Recruitment to some 6000+ HCM users and have both a managed desktop PC service and numerous BYOD policy, as we have numerous Mac Users,  experience of deploying the Mac and Linux client.


As a further update i’m now enclosing screen shoots of ESS running in Chrome for both WDJ and WDA versions. EHP4 and EHP5.

ESS WDA Leave Request working quite happily in Chrome. NW7.02 Portal and EHP5 backend. 


ESS WDJ Working quite happily in Chrome. Portal 7.0 and EHP4 ERP system.


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  • Hi Satish, you need to patch the NW Portal to 7.00 SP25 in order to fix the “Browser Not Supported” issues.

    Which is the latest support release.



    • Hi shatish

      the instructions are as described in the snote.

      Log into the Portal as a Administrator User.

      “System Administration” Tab – System Configuration on the menu.

      Then Service Configuration.

      Brows the Applications,

      Navigate down to

      – Services – Allow Other Browsers.


      Set the Value to True



      • Hi

        we are on NW 7.02 SP3

        we are not able to find the service.

        which patch level is required for NW 7.02 ?

        Also we have EHP5 at the Backed which uses Webdynpro ABAP Applications.

        are they supported on Chrome,Safari etc?



        • Hi

          You will  have to patch your portal i’m afraid.

          We are currently on 7.02 SP11

          The WebDynpro Applications work, but are unsupported if that makes sense.

          • Hello,

            thanks for your post. I have tested leave request EHP5/WDA on iPad2 with Safari/iOS 5.1 and the dropdown does not work at all. in fact I cannot select at all. We are on 702/SP10.

            Could you pls confirm that it (eg select leave type dropdown or month in TeamCal) works very well for you on 702/SP11?

            Which version of iOS did you use on iPad?

            Thanks a lot,


      • We are on NW 7.3.  When we access the sap ESS portal thru IPad, we are getting an error – ivew is not supported.. Have anybody faced this issue earlier?

  • Hi,

    Added the parameter ~USERAGENTCHECK 0 in the webgui service and tested the WD ABAP application but it didnt work in chrome (Ver :21)and safari (Ver: 5.1)



  • Hi james,

    We are In Portal 7.01 ( EHP1 SP6), but the option” -> Services is not available in applications.  which patch level on EHP 1 is required for thos option?’



  • Hi James Ibbotson,

    When you accessed the applications from Chrome or Safari, did you have any issues with the Theme?

    In our landscape when accessing applications in Chrome, the buttons and font and style of text is changed.

    Should I have to recreate the theme in other browser to make it to work?



  • Hi,

    We are using EP 7.02 and SP 09. We are facing issues like help link not working,overlapping links,etc with Mac Apple Safari.

    Any one faced the similar issue. What can be the fix for this issue.


    Harshmeet Singh

    • Dear Harshmeet ,

      What’s your MAC OS version and safari browser version? check in Product Availability Matric for the supported safari version,I had faced some issues related to safari browsers in MAC but as per the PAM i have downgraded the safari version some issues like overlapping of texts was fixed.


      Vinod C

        • Hi Harshmeet,

          I have replied to your discussion thread anyhow please go through the below link for PAM.

 then click PAM2.0 there click SAP EHP2 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.0->Technical information->Product instance(EP core)->Web browser Platforms->Select Apple Safari.


          Vinod C

  • Thanks a lot Vinod. I hope this will help.

    Will get back to you after checking the information about the Browser as well as OS version.

    Thanks and Regards

    Harshmeet Singh

  • Hi James,

    We are using Portal 7.02 . We recently upgraded from SP 11 to SP 13.

    The problem we are facing now is that the log off link is overlapping with the Welcome Username message in case of Google Chrome and Mac apple Safari browser whereas it is coming perfect in case of Internet Explorer.

    It was previously working fine with Mac Apple Safari browser. I checked PAM, it says that Apple Safari supports this version of portal.

    Can you please let me know what can be done for this?

    Thanks and Regards

    Harshmeet Singh

  • Hi James

    we are using portal 7.01 and sp10. We know with sp14 the IE11 problems could be solved. could Firefox problems also be solved? Thanks!

    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    Nice blog… But do not know whether anything is changed overtime now with new version of Portal.

    Right now, we are on NW 7.4 SP11 and backend is EHP7.

    Out findings are, some WDA applications work on Safari but not on Chrome in iPad for dropdown fields. We can select the value, but if list is large, there is no scroll bar available. Does it work for others and just issue to me or others have the same issue too?

    Also, for WDJ applications, it works on Chrome but not on Safari! it gives issue with dropdowns. In WDJ application, we are not able to select the values from the drop down.

    Please let me know if above can be fixed or we have to live with it.


  • Hi,

    We are on NW 7.4 SP13 and still we are unable to open other browsers except IE.
    After upgrading to SP13, the same is working fine in our DEV and QAS systems but not in Production portal.
    Any notes or missing configuration issue.
    Please share if anyone has any solution on this.

    Moiz uddin