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Creating a Custom Genil/Bol object Model

Defining and Creating a Genil Model :

You could define and implement dynamic models using IF_GENIL_APPL_MODEL Interface.

use GENIL_MODEL_EDITOR OR  GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER  to create static models ,

As Genil component class extends default implementation of IF_GENIL_APPLMODEL_PERSISTENCY namely CL_WCF_GENIL_ABSTR_COMPONENT.

Step 1 : Go to Transaction SE24 or SE80 ,Create a new abap Custom Genil Class


As this class use statically defined model we inherit from CL_WCF_GENIL_ABSTR_COMPONENT.


Save and activate  the class.

Step 2Registering of Genil  component is done using Transaction SM34  ,

Enter View Cluster name as CRMVC_GIL_APPDEF or we can use maintaince view CRMV_GIL_COMP

Click maintain button.


Maintain the entries for Component Definition , Component Set Definition and Component Assignment.




Step 3: Create a new Master Table name as ZMAST_CUST using transaction SE11.


Creating a Genil Business Objects.

Key Structure of Customer Data.


Attribute structure of a Customer Data


Table Type of Attribute Structure.



Create a Lock object of master table ZMAST_CUST.


Step 4 :  Go to Transaction GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER,

Give component name as ZCUST .

  1. a.) Click on Change button and Right Click on Root Objects -> Give Object Name as Customer


Add Key Structure Name , Attribute structure name and Create structure name .

And check web service enabled.

Keep Attribute Structure Property -in Changeable mode , So that while creating a object you can see a list of fields in Change mode in Object Browser .

Step 5 :  Open a custom genil class ZCL_CUSTOMER_MODEL and redefine all this metohods as shown below.

Create a new custom class  name as ZCL_CUSTOMER_API which will  to hold the API methods to retrieve data from database.

Declare GT_CUSTOMER as a global attributes ZATTR_CUST_TAB ( Attribute Structure of Customer ) of ZCL_CUSTOMER_API


Here’s the coding Starts to create a new root object


METHOD if_genil_appl_intlay~create_objects.

   TYPES : BEGIN OF ty_cust,
              custno TYPE zcustno,
              END OF ty_cust.

   DATA : lv_guid    TYPE crmt_object_guid.
   DATA : lv_key     TYPE zattr_cust_key.
   DATA : lv_success TYPE char1.
   DATA : lit_cust   TYPE TABLE OF ty_cust.
   DATA : wa         TYPE ty_cust.
   DATA : lv_count   TYPE i VALUE 0.

* Fill structure based on Name Value Pairs Table.

   fill_struct_from_nvp_tab( EXPORTING it_parameters = it_parameters
                             CHANGING  cs_parameter = lv_key ).

* Creating a Guid.
       ev_guid_16 = lv_guid.

* Custom Logic to create a New Customer Number.

   SELECT custno FROM zmast_cust INTO TABLE lit_cust.

   SORT lit_cust DESCENDING.

   IF lit_cust IS NOT INITIAL.
     LOOP AT lit_cust INTO wa.
       lv_count = wacustno + 1.
     lv_count = 1.

   lv_keyguid   = lv_guid.
   lv_keycustno = lv_count.

* API Class fills the the global attribute.

   CALL METHOD zcl_customer_api=>create_customer
       is_cust_key = lv_key
       rv_success  = lv_success.

* Add the object to Data Container – Root Object List Interface

   IF lv_success IS NOT INITIAL.

     iv_root_list->add_object( iv_object_name = iv_object_name
                                is_object_key = lv_key ).



   DATA : lv_data like line OF gt_customer.

*  First step is to Lock a Customer.

       mode_zmast_cust = ‘E’
       foreign_lock    = 1
       system_failure  = 2
       OTHERS          = 3.
   IF sysubrc <> 0.
* Implement suitable error handling here

* Writing to Buffer values passed by parameters and setting Flag C.

   lv_dataguid = is_cust_keyguid.
   lv_datacustno = is_cust_keycustno.
   lv_datanew = ‘C’.

append lv_data to gt_customer.

rv_success = ‘X’.



METHOD if_genil_appl_intlay~get_objects.

   DATA lv_root        TYPE REF TO if_genil_cont_root_object.
   DATA lv_key         TYPE zattr_cust_key.
   DATA lv_cust_att  TYPE zattr_cust.

* Get the first object of data container.

   lv_root = iv_root_list->get_first( ).

   lv_root->get_key( IMPORTING es_key = lv_key ).

* Check if attributes are read after Create

   IF lv_root->check_attr_requested( ) = abap_true.

* Custom API class to get the customer attributes.

     zcl_customer_api=>get_customer( EXPORTING is_cust_key = lv_key
                                                    IMPORTING es_cust_attr = lv_cust_att ).

* Return the objects only if it exists
     IF lv_cust_att IS NOT INITIAL.

* Set the attributes in container
       lv_root->set_attributes( lv_cust_att ).

* Get the next object of data container.

       lv_root = iv_root_list->get_next( ).



METHOD get_customer.

   FIELD-SYMBOLS <data> LIKE LINE OF gt_customer.
   IF is_cust_key IS NOT INITIAL.

* Try to read from Buffer.
     READ TABLE gt_customer WITH KEY
                guid = is_cust_keyguid
                custno = is_cust_keycustno
                ASSIGNING <data>.
     READ TABLE gt_customer WITH KEY new = ‘C’ ASSIGNING <data>.

     IF sysubrc <> 0.

   IF sysubrc = 0.
     IF <data>new EQ ‘C’ OR <data>new EQ ‘M’.
       MOVE-CORRESPONDING <data> TO es_cust_attr.



METHOD if_genil_appl_intlay~modify_objects.

   DATA : lv_cust_attr TYPE zattr_cust,
          lv_root      TYPE REF TO if_genil_container_object,
          lv_changed_objects TYPE  crmt_genil_obj_instance,
          lv_props     TYPE REF TO if_genil_obj_attr_properties,
          lt_changed_attr TYPE  crmt_attr_name_tab,
          lv_cust_key  TYPE zattr_cust_key,
          lv_success   TYPE abap_bool.

   DATA : lv_change TYPE crmt_genil_attr_property.

   CHECK iv_root_list IS BOUND.

* Get the first object from Container.

   lv_root = iv_root_list->get_first( ).

   IF lv_root->get_delta_flag( ) IS NOT INITIAL.

* Get name of the object.

     CASE lv_root->get_name( ).

       WHEN ‘Customer’.

* Returns an Property Object for Object Attributes.

         lv_props = lv_root->get_attr_props_obj( ).

* Returns a Table of All Names with Specified Property.

         CALL METHOD lv_props->get_name_tab_4_property
             iv_property = if_genil_obj_attr_properties=>modified
             et_names    = lt_changed_attr.

         lv_root->get_key( IMPORTING es_key = lv_cust_key ).
         lv_root->get_attributes( IMPORTING es_attributes = lv_cust_attr ).

         MOVE-CORRESPONDING lv_cust_key TO lv_cust_attr.

         CALL METHOD zcl_customer_api=>change_customer
             is_cust_attr = lv_cust_attr
             it_names     = lt_changed_attr
             rv_success   = lv_success.

         IF lv_success IS NOT INITIAL.

           lv_changed_objectsobject_name = ‘Customer’.
           lv_changed_objectsobject_id = cl_crm_genil_container_tools=>build_object_id( lv_cust_key ).

*    Add into Object Table with Object Type and ID.

           APPEND lv_changed_objects TO et_changed_objects.




METHOD change_customer.

   FIELD-SYMBOLS : <line> TYPE zattr_cust,
                           <old>  TYPE simple,
                           <new>  TYPE simple,
                           <name> TYPE name_komp.

   READ TABLE gt_customer WITH KEY
              guid = is_cust_attrguid
              custno = is_cust_attrcustno ASSIGNING <line> .

   CHECK sysubrc IS INITIAL.

   LOOP AT it_names ASSIGNING <name>.
     ASSIGN COMPONENT <name> OF STRUCTURE <line> TO <old>.
     CHECK sysubrc = 0.
     ASSIGN COMPONENT <name> OF STRUCTURE is_cust_attr TO <new>.

     CHECK sysubrc = 0.
     <old> = <new>.
   <line>new = ‘M’.
   rv_success =‘X’.



METHOD if_genil_appl_alternative_dsil~save_objects.

   DATA lv_cust_key TYPE zattr_cust_key.

   FIELD-SYMBOLS <object> TYPE crmt_genil_obj_inst_line.

   LOOP AT ct_object_list ASSIGNING <object>.

* Check for Object Instance.

     CASE <object>object_name.
       WHEN ‘Customer’.
             CALL METHOD cl_crm_genil_container_tools=>get_key_from_object_id(
                 iv_object_name = <object>object_name
                 iv_object_id   = <object>object_id
                 es_key         = lv_cust_key ).
           CATCH cx_crm_genil_general_error .

* Custom API to Save the customer data.

         CALL METHOD zcl_customer_api=>save_customer
             cs_key = lv_cust_key.
         IF lv_cust_key IS INITIAL.
           <object>success = abap_true.


Define CS_KEY TYPE ZATTR_CUST_KEY as parameter of Save Customer.


   DATA : wa_cust TYPE zmast_cust.
   DATA : lv_success TYPE abap_bool.

   FIELD-SYMBOLS: <customer_attr_n> LIKE LINE OF gt_customer.

   lv_success = ‘X’.

   READ TABLE gt_customer ASSIGNING <customer_attr_n> WITH
              KEY guid = cs_keyguid
                  custno = cs_keycustno.

   CHECK sysubrc = 0.

   CASE <customer_attr_n>new.
     WHEN ‘C’ OR ‘M’.
       MOVE-CORRESPONDING <customer_attr_n> TO wa_cust.
       MODIFY zmast_cust FROM wa_cust.


       mode_zmast_cust = ‘E’
       guid            = cs_keyguid
       custno          = cs_keycustno.

   CLEAR cs_key.

ENDMETHOD.                    “SAVECUSTOMER

Coding Part is Done to create genil implementation class.

STEP 6 : go to transaction genil_bol_browser -> Click on Create a New Root Object

Select the root object as Customer double click it.

Enter the parameters value  Custno  –

you can add you own custom logic to default set the value of the attributes

Click on Create Object


Here Guid and Custno is in display mode , while remaining atrributes are in changeable mode – Enter the values of the Attributes.

Click on Save Button.


and Check the database table ZMAST_CUST.


In my next blog ‘ ‘ will use this Custom GenIL component set to create a New custom component with create and save the data

in database


Sumeet Gehlot

SAP CRM Practice.

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  • Hi Sumeet,

      Excellent blog. Can you please update the screen shot of "Component Definition", I would like to know which implementation class you have mentioned there.



  • Can you please show the structure of ZATTR_CUST_TAB. As its not visible if you are already sharing it. The structure of the table doesnt have field like 'NEW'. So do we specifically add 'New' field in struct ZATTR_CUST_TAB.

    • Hi Savaridassan,

      Create a Parameter as CHANGING type

      CS_KEY    Changing    Type    ZATTR_CUST_KEY                                              Customer Key Attribute



      • Hi Sumeet,

        Thanks a lot. i worked on this and got the output..sure wil trace and learn a lot.

        Thanks again 🙂 expect more resource from u like this...very Good one 🙂


        Savaridassan P

  • Hi Sumeet..!

    I am new to CRM webui, found the most of the functionality in your article... I tried to impelmented the same thing on my pc and got below errors....


    lv_lovk_mode is unknown. it is not contaied in one of the specified table...


    ABAP_BOOL is unknown... when I added the type-POOLs on the top the error is gone..

    also in .. GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER when i enter the component as zcust, it never allowed me to create the object when i right click on the root objects it shows collapse Lower-level node and To Higher-level Node.... also in your sample it shows 4 symbols on the top left corner to edit, transport (lorry), refresh and check but it is not showing me on my CRM 7.0 thing..

    In my editor it is always a browser... not editor but in your screen shot it is saying as editor.. like GenIL Model Editor: change component... etc

    I tried with t-code.. GENIL_MODEL_EDITOR it says it is not found..

    When comming to the GENIL_BOL_BROWSER, I eneter the component name it shows empty model browser root objects... I believe this is because I could not create a root object in genil model browser....

    Again thnaks for your time in writing such a nice article but i do appreciate it if you clarify my problems.. otherwise it would become an incomplete for me..


    • Greetings Bala,

      anyway Sumeet would be explaining you all in add with his point..

      i too tried this document and got results..

      thanks to Sumeet 🙂

      the second point u said its ok, i too faced it.

      and the document prepared using CRM 7.0 EHP 1 i think so.

      in CRM 7.0, you dont have Genil_Model_Editor transcation.



      • Thaks for your info.. atleast I came to know that I am using a different version otherwise I'd have been sitting on it and scratching my head like crazy 🙂 ..

  • HI Sumeet,

    Excellent blog with complete details.

    Just one issue m facing is ... when m trying to create a new root object in Genil_bol_browser with Custno value being 1 ... its giving a dump stating


    An exception occurred which is explained in detail below.

    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_CRM_CIC_PARAMETER_ERROR', was not

    caught and

    therefore caused a runtime error.

    The reason for the exception is:

    Entry parameter ES_KEY of method CL_CRM_GENIL_CONTAINER_OBJECT->GET_KEY

    contains value , which is not allowed


    can u plzz guide.



  • Hi Sumeet,

    Great Blog and Nice contribution.

    I am facing  problem, when I tried to create a new root object in genil_bol_browser, program generating in short dump with the message

    A mandatory parameter was not populated when dyn. calling a method.

    Error analysis

        An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.

        The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_PARAM_MISSING', was

         not caught in

        procedure "CREATE_HANDLER" "(METHOD)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING


        Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the

        exception would occur, the current program is terminated.

        The reason for the exception is:

        The mandatory parameter "IV_MODE" of the method "CONSTRUCTOR" of the class

         "ZCL_CUSTOMER_MODEL" was not

        populated during dynamic method call.

    I am using CRM 7.0. I don't understand how to pass "IV_MODE" value. Can any please help me on this?

  • I could not see the root object in "ZCUST" component or "ZCSET_CUST" component set. No root objects are displaying when I tried to open them. Instead they are displaying in SO2 component/component set.

  • Hi Sumeet,

    I have done all coding and class creation but when i was executing GENIL_BOL_BROWSER its doesn't show any output.please check your yahoo email id i have send attached document.

    • Hi MRK,

      check whether in Get_objects method

         zcl_customer_api=>get_customer( EXPORTING is_cust_key = lv_key
                                                          IMPORTING es_cust_attr = lv_cust_att ).

      Here Lv_cust_attr is getting filled or not .

      Try to Debug get_objects and create objects



  • Hi,

    Nice documentation for CRM beginners,

    I have one doubt though,

    When Iam tring to execute GENIL_BOL_BROWSER,after creating a new object,when Iam clicking on save,only GUID and CUSTNO are getting saved,no other field like CUSTNAME etc is getting saved in the database.

    Please advise on the rectification of this issue.

    • Can you put a break point IF_GENIL_APPL_ALTERNATIVE_DSIL~SAVE_OBJECTS in this method a and see whether before modify statement table is filled with values.

  • It worked for me, Thanks.I had not checked the initialization of  iv_root_list in modify object. So the entire method was getting completely overlooked.

    • Hi,

      I have done all the steps as mention in above document, also added the code inDO_INIT_CONTEXT and other EH_ONCREATE  and EH_ONSAVE,  but when I ma testing it system is giving the UI screen with message as below.

      CUSTNAMEnot bound

      TELEPHONEnot bound

      CITYnot bound




  • Hi Sumeet,

    I am new in CRM Web UI.

    But i can start and understand Genil model from your blog.

    Very good blog.

    Thank you very much indeed.