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Author's profile photo Craig S

Kind of gone…but not really

I had hoped to blog on a regular basis as well as contribute to the discussions.  But I am just so discouraged with the performance of SCN on the platforms I have available, that I just can’t justify it any longer.

I admit I am working on an older IE explorer browser and evidently it is just not capable of working well with the new SCN.  I don’t have control of the desktop I’m working on.  That is controlled by my client.  I am not hauling around a second laptop just to access SCN.  I primarily use an I-Pad for most other things and personal use.  I am rarely on my home desktop.  I am sure that most of the road warriors can understand that. 

The performance on the I-Pad is terrible on the cellular network and only slightly better when on a wireless network.  Especially when working on “guest” wireless or a publicily available network at a coffee shop, hotel, fast food network.  The public networks are always marginal and never as good as mine at home.

I find I can browse fairly somewhat OK when I browse as a guest.  But to log in and go back and answer discussions is extremely time consuming.  Just to read, review and answer 7-8 discussions can easily take me 40-60 minutes. 

So while you might see me here once in awhlle, I just can’t spend the time on SCN that I have in the past.  It doesn’t really pay the bills!!!

I would love to be a daily contributor in QM.  Sujit, Anand and a handful of others do a great job and hopefully they can continue to contribute.  Maybe once some of my clients update their browsers, or the performance suddenly improves for my I-Pad, I’ll be back on a regular basis.  In the meantime, I’ll probably be lurking around the corner. 

Feel free to send me a PM.  Just be aware it might take me awhile to respond.  If you have specific ideas of a blog you would like to see, let me know.  I can maybe write those in Word and than later on copy and paste it in so I might be able to do that once in awhile.

Good Luck!


PS>. Please.. If you have similar performance issues please “Like” this blog. 

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      Author's profile photo Jason Lax
      Jason Lax


      I'm really discouraged to read this.  Yes, other users have reported sub-optimal performance while using ie7.  I hope you get to upgrade to ie8 soon.

      If it's any consolation, there is an iOS app coming out soon for SCN that will help improve the performance while using an iPad. I use one too when out of the office and I'm really looking forward to using this app. (See SCN Platform Update)


      Author's profile photo Craig S
      Craig S
      Blog Post Author


      Thanks for the reply and I don't mean to get you discouraged.  I am sure the new platform is working well for most folks.  Just not me at this time.  I'm not going to give up on SCN because I do believe in it's value. But for me right now, I just can't expend the excessive time it takes to stay involved with it.

      Hopefully that will change soon and I'll try the app as soon as I can.

      I felt I needed to write a blog because I don't want people who know me in the QM area to think I've just totally left.  I hate it when regulars just up and disappear.  I don't know if they died, got sent to prison, got bogged down by a go-live or just don't care anymore.  So I wanted to give a small explanation to my decrease in participation.

      Hopefully I'll get a new browser soon or a nice, FAST app for my I-Pad!


      Author's profile photo Martin Hinderer
      Martin Hinderer

      Good to know, I was really wondering not to see you that often here as before. I am kind of in the same situation, having to use an old IE8 version which results in constant "object expected" errors. Browsing is limited, category filters sometimes not possible, unfollowing as well, ...

      Am also still looking forward to an improvement of this situation.



      Author's profile photo Bruno Esperança
      Bruno Esperança

      Not sure if this is still actual, but I have one suggestion for you:

      Google Chrome Portable.

      So you can use it at work even if you don't have administrator rights and it works like a charm (at least for me).




      Author's profile photo Verrazano Bell
      Verrazano Bell

      Fire Fighter,

      Sorry you're not on the scene as much as in the past. Yes, it was noticed that you were not on the net in the last several weeks.....

      Thanks for all your help in the past and look to see you back.


      Author's profile photo Craig S
      Craig S
      Blog Post Author

      This is an old blog.. I'm here almost every day now..

      They made me change my screen name.  They said Fire Fighter wasn't appropriate for a moderator. 🙁


      Author's profile photo Bruno Esperança
      Bruno Esperança

      Germans and their etiquette rules...



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hey Craig,

      Would be very interested in getting in contact with you about some blogging. Unfortunately, I can't find your contact information or email anywhere 🙁 What is the best way to contact you?