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Differences between ccBPM(Integration Process) and NW BPM

For the past couple of weeks, i have spent time in evaluating, comparing and moving some of the ccBPM processes to NW BPM processes. Here is my view of differences between ccBPM and NW BPM. I have tried to include even the high level differences like future direction, installation and performance in this comparison. Many of these are not tested by me but are well publicized by SAP in various forums.

Area of comparison

ccBPM (Integration Process)


SAP’s stated future direction

SAP will not make any major investment in ccBPM

SAP is heavily investing in NW BPM compared to ccBPM


Dual stack installation is a must.

Can be installed as a java only single stack that contains AEX, BPM and BRM

Installation time

Multiple days

Multiple hours

Total cost of operations

High cost of operation due to dual stack installation

Lower cost of operations due to single stack installation


Comparatively lesser performance

Comparatively better performance


Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) based.

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) based.

Human and System centric processes

Supports only system centric processes

Supports both system centric and human centric processes

Development Objects

Abstract interfaces are required

Abstract interfaces are not required. Regular interfaces can be used.

Development Objects

Operation maps are required

Operation maps are not required

Adapter / Protocol

XI protocol is used to communicate between integration engine and ccBPM

SOAP adapter with XI protocol is used to communicate between integration engine(AEX) and NW BPM Process

Development environment

ccBPM is developed in Enterprise service Builder

NW BPM is developed in Netweaver developer studio (NWDS).

Development environment Enterprise service Builder does not have support for process debugging.
NWDS provides support for process debugging. You will be able to step through each activity of a process for a new or an already started process.

Repository / Storage

ccBPM is stored in Enterprise Service Repository

With NWDI, process can be stored in DTR.
Without NWDI, a separate server based location need to be used.


No additional tool is required. ESR and ESB can handle the versioning needs.

NWDI is required to control the versioning, Third party tools available in customer landscape can also be leveraged to meet the versioning needs.


Build of the ccBPM is not required.

A separate build of the NW BPM process is necessary.

Transport to Quality, Production

File based or CTS+ can be used to transport ccBPM process

NWDI with CTS+, CMS or manual methods can be used to transport the process

Deployment to run-time

ccBPM process is available in run-time upon activation of the process.

Process must be built and deployed to the run-time.

Run-time engine

Business Process engine(BPE) is used to execute the process

Process server is used to execute the process

Run-time environment


Web AS Java

Process as a web service?

ccBPM is not available as a webs ervice

NW BPM Process is available as a web service upon deployment. Any client capable of making a web service call can directly invoke the process.

Process API

No API’s are available

API’s are available to handle processes remotely

Process start

The process can only be started by a message

The process can be started manually in process repository or by a message.

Tools to handle human centric tasks

Not applicable

Process desk, BPM Inbox,  UWL

Monitoring tools


Process Manager, Task Manager

Quality of service support ccBPM supports BE, EO and EOIO. NW BPM supports BE and EO. NW BPM does not support.
Acknowledgement support ccBPM supports acknowledgement handling. NW BPM does not supports acknowledgement handling.
Attachment support ccBPM supports message attachment handling. NW BPM does not support message attachments.

Version information – SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 was used as BPM system. So NW BPM in this article refers to PO 7.31 SP04.

Warning: This blog contains my views as of now based on current information available to me. Some of these points might be open for interpretations and discussion. Take caution while using this information.

Please feel free to disagree, ask questions, provide your views.

Update 17-Aug-12:

Added Development Environment – Debugging difference. Details on process debugging are available System centric processes using NW BPM – Process Debugging.

Added Quality of support, Acknowledgement support and attachment support differences.

Thanks to BPM 7.31 Java only – SOAP Payload attatchments.

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