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    1. Former Member

      I am also facing similar issue where my RFC is having table as input paarameter. I think we should try this with approach of binding/appending single values(personalization key) to table key.

      I will write it here if I have any clue.


      Naveen Inuganti 

  1. Former Member Post author

    Yes Naveen , I agree with you .

    I use BAPI – BAPI_ALM_ORDEROPER_GET_LIST. there is input parameter IT_RANGES.

    I create personalization key range_pk which has type BAPI_ALM_ORDEROPER_GET_LIST_IT_RANGES[] and connect it to IT_RANGES in load arguments. Then I put MBO to flow dezign page. Now problem – how create key(for EditBox) so that I can correctly assign it to my personalization key?


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