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Know Your Business Like the Back of Your Hand

What does your firm need?

Wouldn’t it be great to know our business like the back of our hand- and be able to know key figures real-time and do this with the ease of telling time.  Every business wants to know answers to these questions:

· Who are my biggest customers and how profitable are they?

· How much does this customer owe us and what are there payment terms?

· What are the top five transactions on my accounts in the last month?

· Who are our biggest suppliers and what is our annual spend with them?

· How much did we spend with a particular supplier to-date?

· Do I have enough products in stock to ship this large order immediately?

Current  Scenario:

In today’s business world information is literally exploding- Per a study conducted by IDC in 2009, information is doubling in size every 18 months and will continue to do so in the future. Furthermore users are demanding consumer-like experience with regards to access and performance of information. How can the IT department harness the intelligence from Big Data, while responding to user requirements in a cost-effective manner and with low-risk?

The Solution:

SAP HANA allows you to analyze information in real-time at unprecedented speeds on large volumes of transactional data straight from your ERP system. Flexible analytic models can be created based on the real-time and historic business data and made available to end-users through the BOBJ BI platform.

Organizations wanting to take advantage of the real-time reporting made possible by SAP HANA would like to do it affordably, predictably and quickly.

Easy way to consume the solution:

SAP’s answer to these requirements of speed, predictability and cost-effectiveness are SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. With over 80 different packages and hundreds of installations globally, the rapid-deployment solutions are the new and preferred way to consume new technology quickly, affordably and with low or no risk. No wonder there was a great response to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW, which my colleague Jeff Winter dubbed the Tipping Point for rapid-deployment solutoins. See his blog here:

Specifically for HANA there are 15 different SAP Rapid Deployment Solution packages. A SAP Rapid Deployment Solution package is a bundle of the software, the implementation service, content and enablement.

Link to the popular SAP HANA rapid-deployment solutions:

Popular HANA Packages on SAP.COM

The rapid-deployment solution for operational reporting includes the SAP HANA software, pre-built content and an engineered Service to get the reporting up-and-running within six weeks. Some examples of the rich content provided are attribute and analytical models based on ECC 6.0 tables.

1. Attribute view-master data for reporting

Analytical HANA Model.png

2. Star schema in an analytical HANA model

Attribute view-master data for reporting.png

The rich content offers 23 reports and 3 dashboards in areas of Sales, Finance, Procurement, Shipping and Master Data.

3. Sales Dashboard provided with the rapid-deployment soltuon

Sales Dashboard.png

4. User friendly and rich explorer reports

Explorer report.png

The service offers a choice of 5 of these 26 elements to be implemented within six weeks. Pre-requisites are ECC 6.0 system and an installed 2-tier HANA Landscape. Should you need to install HANA first, SAP consulting offers an engineered service for installation of HANA in 10 days for a fixed price. Similarly there are fixed scope services available for implementation of the BOBJ BI solution.

5. Example of the system landscape

Example System Landscape.png

Best news for the end: attractive  Limited Edition Runtime HANA Pricing

If you are considering using HANA for operational reporting, you can take advantage of the very attractive SAP HANA, limited edition for applications and accelerators.  Further information on all the applications eligible can be found using this link:

For pricing information contact your SAP Account Executive.

So if your firm needs to make decisions real-time, accelerate your business performance and unlock new insights you now know that you can do this with the ease of telling the time on your watch…

Find out more about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions :

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions on the Service Marketplace (Click Technology, then in-memory):

Webcast on SAP ERP rapid deployment solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA :

Are you interested in learning more about SAP ERP rapid deployment solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA and how it can help your firm? Why don’t you attend my online webinar on August 16th 1:30PM ET?  I recommend it for anyone looking for fast and cost effective methods to analyze growing volumesof data. Please sign up using this registration link.

Follow SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions on Twitter: @SAPRDS

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      Where are you located please?

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      Sachin Bapat
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      Atlanta, GA, USA

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      Very interesting Blog with some great graphics. Using HANA on any type of Dashboard brings new meaning to "Real Time Analytics"

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      Former Member

      Great article Sachin! The rate at which data is multiplying for enterprises is truly unbelievable. However it’s interesting to note that 1 in 3 business leaders still make decisions without the information they need! Why? Enterprises today still lack the right tools to analyze Big data in a rapid but efficient manner and so the right information is not available to the executives. If your enterprise is interested in learning more about gaining the capabilities to respond to customer needs in real-time, join Sachin on Aug 16th