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Transporting a Solution Manager Project in 2/3 Tier Solution Manager Landscape

Solution Manager is an End to End application lifecycle management tool and provides various scenarios like Solution Documentation, Incident Management, Change Management, Solution Implementation etc.

Days are gone when we use to have to only a single Solution Manager System just providing a EWA support to ECC or SRM etc (3 tier landscape) because now we ready to support non SAP components as well like Incident Management functionality can be used to record incidents or messages for SAP and Non SAP both type of component. Thus, Solution Manager landscape is recommended as a 2 tier or 3 tier landscape like shown below,

Three Tier Landscape

3 tier.PNG

Two Tier Landscape

2 tier.PNG

One of the major concerns here are if we are going to have so many system for solution manager where to create a project ? Is it possible to Transport ?

Yes we can create a Solution Manager Project in Development environment and then can import to Quality or Production environment.

When we import is it possible to copy the structure existing for the Solution Manager Project because there are no Transport Request Option in Solar01 or Solar02 transaction ?

Yes it is possible the Transport Request created for Solution Manager Project take care of this.

Is it mandatory to have above landscape for SAP Solution Manager ?

No but if you are using Incident Management, Change Management functionalities then it is better to have more than one system.

How to import a Solution Manager Project ?

Please follow the steps as described below to generate a Transport Request which is required for importing Solution Manager Project across the landscape like Shown below.

Step 1 : In Solution manager development system, choose your Project in solar_project_admin transaction and from the sap menu choose Transport


Step 2 : Next, choose current language and deselect With Notes if you don’t want to transport documents.


Step 3 : Further, provide an existing transport request using own requests option or click on create button to proceed to create a new one.

TR Creation Screen.jpg

Step 4 : Fill the short description and press enter

created TR with short text.jpg

Step 5 : System will generate a unique TR no as shown below. Press enter

created TR.jpg

Thus above steps will help to bundle all the project changes with the structure created for the same in Solar01 tcode and ready for transport to Quality or Production Solution Manager with the created Transport Request. Please make sure you have a valid transport track already setup for Solution Manager landscape in STMS transaction.

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