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Right people Hire Right candidates

When the greed barks, people forget about integrity and try to sell themselves with fake resume details.  The question is who is to blame? Who is the culprit? Regardless, the hiring company is going to pay the price to fix the disaster.  This is the price companies pay when they don’t ask the right people to be the part of the interview panel, as well as when they don’t asked for references and recommendations. In my opinion, it is the result of poor management skills, if anyone doesn’t possess these skills, they need to seek knowledge, have mentors and listen to the smart people around  them. It is all about being open and listening to people. Even a fool has a story to tell you!   

There are so many cases out there where people began their career with lies and ironically survived not because they are very smart but because companies do not have people in place with good management skills. Hiring a candidate with falsified data on their resume is the fault of the interview panel and the hiring manger. I have seen three examples of this in my 13+ years  SAP career , where we hired resources who didn’t know how to enter in to SAP system. I am glad and sad at the same time that I was not part of the interview panel. We paid a huge price for hiring the wrong candidates for the jobs. Their dishonesty was discovered, but we were very late in the game and we  had to learn our lesson in hard way. 

Now the  million dollar question is how do we  discover the companies, and candidates  that are still in the marketplace? There should be some process that head hunters / clients/ companies  follow. There are so many companies, I call them “Body Shops” , all they care about is placing candidates with a  good  salary, so the company can make more dollars  without any risk to themselves. They will change a candidate’s resume,  sometimes without telling the candidate and then they want  the candidate to learn the requirement in a few days or sometime in a few hours. It is a cruel fact.  If everything works out, the candidate who got placed somewhere because of , the falsified information counts the days,  always under pressure, trying to buy time. It is a dilemma , how an experienced person was dropped  and some in-experienced, recent college grad,  or  a person who just started their career put 6+ years of experience on their resume with a low salary requirement was selected only because of a poor interview panel and poor management skills. Tattoo my words on your arm  the  “Cost of non-conformance is high.”  Choose the right people to hire the right people. 

What do you think about adding somebody to your team whose resume and skills are based on lies?. Have you experienced  this or have you been involved in a situation where you realized that an interview panel consisted of the wrong people

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