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Key Differences & Similarities between SAP BPC Natweaver 7.5 and SAP BPC Microsoft 7.5

Key Differences & Similarities between SAP BPC Natweaver 7.5 and SAP BPC Microsoft 7.5:

When I started BPC after few days one question came into my mind that what are the main differences between two versions of SAP BPC.  I get my answer by lot of research and study. So now I decided to put all these points into blog to facilitate new comers and those who want to migrate from one version to other.
The two versions SAP BusinessObject Planning and Consolidation NetWeaver 7.5 and SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Version for Microsoft 7.5 share a number of features and capabilities.
Both versions uses familiar Microsoft office client to deliver ease of use for business user and both versions delivers automatic business process flow to provide structure to collaborative task.
BPC NetWeaver and BPC Microsoft both allow concurrency lockup, monitoring of user activity, application optimization, and a number of other common task. But there are key differences that you must me aware of.
Two versions at a glance in below figure.


BPC Microsoft is dependant on SQL Server database and can only use sql based script logic.
BPC NetWeaver is database independent and leverages number of  powerful SAP features to provide life cycle management, real time debugging and other key capabilities.
It is important to note that two versions are not interchangeable and migration from BPC Microsoft to BPC Netweaver is notautomated. To transition form one version to other require manual intervention and should be consider an implementation project depanding upan complaxity. 
The below table is pointing towards key differences between two versions of SAP BusinessObject Planning and Consolidation.
Features BPC
NetWeaver  7.5
Microsoft 7.5
  • Full case sensitivity for all objects.
  • Full compatible with case sensitivity in NetWeaver.
  • Case sensitivity only to the extent applicable to Microsoft office products.
Expression (MDX)
  • Limited support to MDX syntax in dimension number formulas and script logic.
  • Full multidimensional expression (MDX) support.

Business Process

Flow (BPF)

  • Enhanced Functionality in BPF in 7.5 NetWeaver compared to 7.5 Microsoft.
  • BPF functionality is improved in 7.5 Microsoft compared to 7.0 Microsoft but a bit lower than that in 7.5 NW.
Script logic
  • Limited support for script logic keywords – this point is especially important for customers migrating from Microsoft to NetWeaver Version.
  • Full Script logic support.
  • Dimension member can’t be renamed
  • Dimension member can be renamed
  • NetWeaver does Not have books functionality.
  • Microsoft version provides full Book publishing functionality.
  • EVDRE is NetWeaver version does not support some formatting options (e.g. styles) available in Microsoft version.
  • All delivered templates are based on EVDRE.
  • Microsoft version support some extra formatting options
    which are not available in NetWeaver version.
  • Not all delivered templates are based on EVDRE.
  • Back end validations available through SAP GUI.
  • Only front end validations are available.
  • Multi header journals can be maintained.
Input schedule and reports
  • Data entry in all currencies is allowed.
  • Microsoft reporting services are not available- BSPs and Webdynpro can be used to create web reports.
  • Data entry only in currency not calculated.
  • Microsoft reporting services can create custom web reports.
Database & operating system
  • Full case sensitivity for all objects.
  • Supports any RDBMS and operating system supported by NetWeaver.
  • Preconfigured reports.
  • Case sensitivity only to the extent applicable to office
  • Can work with only Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Transports framework of NetWeaver can be used for moving configuration across landscape.
  • Only complete appsets can be transported.
  • Backup and restore functionality available.
  • Only backup and restore functionality is available.
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  • Hi, Expert.

    I have a basic question.

    In BPC MS, is Script Logic the only way to implement business calculation?

    As I know that we can implement BADIs in BPC NW, is there any thing like BADIs can be implemented in BPC MS to perform complex business calculations?