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Connect Sybase SDK with SAP BAPI

Today I accessed the developer center here on SCN for mobility after the big announcement and downloaded the Sybase SDK 2.1.3. After installing it on my Windows 7 first thing was to connect it to an ABAP system. Luckily, I have one running on my system: SAP Gateway NLP SP3 trial. Only used it for some performance tests, so I started the VM and connected my Workplace.

Inserted the connection properties


Pinged the instance to see if everything is reachable


Double clicked the SAP system item


Got an error:



I remembered that I already saw this error, and even solved it, once, but never blogged about it. Accessed transaction SWO2 (why SWO2? You know why …) and got another error:


That’s an error I can enter in the search field for notes in SMP to see if there is any SAP Note about this error. And of course there is one:

Note 706195 – BAPIs are missing in the component hierarchy display. This note looked very familiar, so I executed the steps outlined in my ABAP system:

1. Call the test environment for function modules  RS_COMPONENT_VIEW


2. Test the function module RS_COMPONENT_VIEW in sequence with the following parameters


Afterwards, I refreshed the NLP node in the SUP Workplace.


Now the BAPIs are shown and I can start creating MBOs around them.

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  • Hi Tobias,

    Need some help with SUP to SAP RFC connection.

    I have successfully established the connection to the SAP server.

    But under the server i do not get the hierarchy options Application Platform , Basic Components etc.

    Therefore i am unable to see the RFC which i have created in SAP.

    Do i need to do anything specific to see the RFC's.



    • First, that's a question regarding a specific problem, so you should ask it in the mobile space.

      Second, my blog contains a possible solution (apply a SAP Note), but without knowing what you have done and which error you get it's impossible to give an answer (in the discussion, not here)

      • Hi Tobias,

        Thanks for the quick response.

        I thought i had missed a step or a configuration for SUP.

        I did not apply the note since i did not get the specific error as mentioned in this post.

        Extremely sorry about it. I will log this in the mobile discussion.

        Thanks a lot for your help.



  • Hi Tobias,

    I connected to the SAP server succesfully. But try to create a MBO based on my own created custom BAPI, it doesn't apear in the list of BAPIs/RFCs.

    Can you help me?