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Author's profile photo Carsten Ziegler

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management 1.0 Ramp-Up Process Starting Now

The Release to Customer of SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management 1.0 is planned for July 31st 2012, which signals the beginning of the Ramp-Up process.

How you can cut down implementation times by 90% and still add more flexibility to your customers? SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management will change forever the way how SAP standard and custom applications are implemented. Being available for ABAP-based releases starting with NetWeaver 640 it provides the technology to cut down project times by >90% through full empowerment of business experts for continuous decision optimization. SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management stands for immediate ROI but also for many use cases that have never been possible before without any need for customers to upgrade their system landscape.

The Decision Service Manager (integral part of SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management where you define and maintain your rules) allows for central definition of decision services that then are being deployed to and processed in managed systems (where your application resides for optimal execution performance).


Superior Technology

  • Decision Service Manager provides access to metadata, code and values (master data, customizing) to Managed Systems such as ECC or CRM for “local” modeling
  • From the modeled service Decision Service Manager compiles an executable service on the Managed System for local execution
  • The Managed System does not required upgrades, Decision Service Manager can be upgraded independently

Immediate Business Value / ROI

  • Super-fast change cycles in the hand of the domain experts
    • Analyze,  Optimize,  Implement; service execution testing, tracing, analytics
  • No IT involvement, no downtime, planned service availability, test deployments to any number of systems
  • Automated business decisions with full transparency for better decision quality

Highest deployment flexibility, fastest change cycle, best performance, lowest TCO

By participating in the Ramp-Up program, customers will be among the companies that will enjoy the benefits of first-mover advantages in their industry. Through SAP involvement in each Ramp-Up customer project, customers also benefits from the coordinated efforts of SAP Development, Quality Assurance and Service & Support teams, who in conjunction with the dedicated Ramp-Up team, will support the implementation and give priority attention to the project – resulting in successful implementations and very satisfied customers.

I will personally support ramp-up customers either onsite or remotely to ensure a fast and successfull go-live. Decision Service Management will be presented at TechEd in Las Vegas, Madrid and Bangalore. Watch out for the respective sessions. Get in touch with me for a demo!

Familiarize yourself with the SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management 1.0 Ramp-Up program, and nominate yourself using the Online Scoping Tool.

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      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari

      Thanks for sharing.

      I never had the opportunity to work with but I remember that Once upon a time there was a component called SAP BRM with a similar value proposition.

      Without going in depth, could you provide any hit to differentiate the position of SAP BRM compared with this very cool SAP DSM?

      First difference is ABAP vs. Java, then it would be useful to understand which SAP standard component, module requires one or the other?

      many thanks

      Author's profile photo Carsten Ziegler
      Carsten Ziegler
      Blog Post Author

      As you pointed out SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management is optimized for ABAP based landscapes, while NW BRM is built for best use inside of NW BPM or in combination with JAVA-based applications.

      Maybe in future you will also see SAP NW DSM deploying a service into NW BRM for consumption in JAVA applications but it is too early for any promises.

      Another difference is that SAP NW DSM is a central instance which can deploy into multilpe ABAP servers on different releases. It adds a lot of functionality like remote simulation, future deployment, remote data access... To make it short: SAP NW DSM is optimized for decision automation in a landscape. It is more than a rules engine.

      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari


      thanks a lot,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Carsten, for the excellent information. I have some queries that I am eager to learn more about. (sorry couldnt make it to SAP conferences or if there are FAQs already):

      1. Is SAP using DSM to deliver solutions, say for example,hedging risk decisions (TRM)?

      2. What are the DSM features differentiators compared to IBM iLog/ODM (Operational Decision Mangement)? What event management systems will be used in DSM?

      3. Can DSM be used without NW BPM? If so, is there a method you would recommend to separate rules during requirement gathering or 'mine' the rules out from existing custom code and migrate them to DSM?

      4.What would be the recommendation for replacing PI ccBPM? should DSM be a connecting system instead of NW BPM?

      5.When is GA? and how does DSM licensing structure look like? 

      Kind Regards


      ERP Process Architect

      Author's profile photo Carsten Ziegler
      Carsten Ziegler
      Blog Post Author

      1. NW DSM can be used for any exits and it can also be used in solutions that so far worked with BRFplus only. We are in discussion of optimizing some applications for it and maybe even bundling it into the applications. But it is still too early for more details.

      2. NW DSM is optimized ofr the ABAP stack. It generates ABAP code that is executed on the server of the application. There is no interface code required, no remote call, no mapping of values or concepts. NW DSM is able to use all the required data incl. value helps and consistency checks with data from the business applications. IBM ILOG is also a good BRMS but it just does not integrate well with SAP Business Suite lie NW DSM does.

      3. NW DSM can be used without NW BPM. Decision making and business rules should be clearly separated from processes. Please take a look at my blog here.

      In most most custom code you will find any form of decision making that could be moved into BRFplus. Some kind of automatic process however does not work. You could look for many IF or CASE statements but finally, an automatic translation does not work.

      4. NW DSM cannot replace (NW) BPM. BPM allows to interrupt a process. It waits for events and then continues. This is a capability we do not offer in NW DSM. NW DSM is built to make the understanding, the definition and the use of custom decision logic very simple.

      5.GA is currently planned for Q2, 2013. We decide this based on customer's experience. So there is no specific date planned. NW DSM license is value based. This makes it very cheap for you to try it out. When you see the value you grow your license package.