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Overview of Level Approach Duet Enterprise Partner Activities

In this blog I will focus on Duet Enterprise partner activities, provided by SAP and Microsoft. The next blog I will cover our strategy and existing program on partner solutions go-to-market.

We are investing more on partner activities, as our Duet Enterprise partners are the key to keep our current momentum going.

We will continue our extensive partner training program.  Since the introduction of SAP-Microsoft Unite Partner Connection program in February 2011, the program has already trained more than 550 consultants from more than 80 partner companies around the world. Furthermore, we are extending our reach virtually. Just last Thursday and Friday July 19th and 20th, we had successfully conducted a Duet Enterprise online training for our Velocity event participants in Newtown Square and the same on-line training was offered for Germany’s Velocity event in May.

If you look at Duet Enterprise training as level 1 enablement activity, I will call Dev Jam as level 2 adoption and acceleration activity. Dev Jam is for partners to develop state-of-the-art Duet Enterprise business solutions with exclusive Duet Enterprise expert support and access to hosted landscape. The past two Dev Jams in Mountain View and Hamburg had created many Duet Enterprise solutions listed in partner solution page. Based on the feedback we gathered from Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), we are in discussion to resume Dev Jam in a much more location friendly format – online Dev Jam. So stay tuned for what is coming.

On top of the Duet Enterprise partner activities sits what I called level 3 Velocity events. This is targeted only for a selected group of Duet Enterprise customers with their implementation partners. The goal of the 1 week event is to accelerate the productive deployment of Duet Enterprise scenarios with the help of top Duet Enterprise experts from both SAP and Microsoft product teams together with partner resources. At the end, customers are happy because the combined effort from SAP, Microsoft, and partners really speed up their production go-live of Duet Enterprise scenarios. And in return, we have happier reference customers. As I am writing this blog, we have day 1 North America Velocity event kicked off in SAP America headquarter Newtown Square. The next Velocity event is planned for September for Duet Enterprise 2.0 in Walldorf Germany.

Here is the picture of partner activities and solutions route to market. I have covered the top portion on level approach partner activates. In the next blog I will talk about partner solutions route to market. We are looking forward to continuing the success of Duet Enterprise with our valuable partners.

Level approach partner activities.png

Level approach partner activities.png
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  • Hi Edward,

    Nice overview of all the activities. Both SAP and Microsoft are doing a great job enabling partners and customers to reach out to Duet Enterprise. A lot of (online) content from both sides. Events like velocity, bring instant value tot customers.

    Classroom training sessions could be a point of attention. Up to date versions is crucial as well as a official certification for consultants of partners to provide some kind of quality label for customers. For now we have develop additional courses to full fill demand here.
    Looking forward to working closely with SAP And Microsoft as we move foreword with Duet Enterprise 2.0. 

    • Hi Pim,

      Good to know theNextView is building the additonal courses for Duet Enterprise, which we could leverage for our customers. Please keep us and the community posted for any new update. Thanks for the feedback. Yes. Duet Enterprise skill certification is a hot topic. This is something we are looking into with Microsoft.



      • Good thing you're talking about certification. I do not fully follow you that you are looking into this with Microsoft. I hope you have a clear mix of both SAP and MS knowledge here! Our experience is that Duet Enterprise project are 80% driven by SAP technology and busines process knowledge and the real effort is in it's application AND understanding the business process + SAP business package. You might want to take a look to a blog my colleague William van Strien wrote on this:

        Be happy to provide support in defining the certification requirements based on project experiences.

        cheers, pim

  • Hi Pim,

    Can I have the details of Duet Jam - 2012. We are the 1st implementer of Duet in India.


    M Prabhakar Rao - Acuvate Software Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad

  • Hi Prabhakar,

    We might have a dev jam India towards year end, based on the interest. This might be a online format. It will be much more flexible. What is your opinion for having a online format? With remote support, solution to be submited and prizes at the end. Please let us know if you have any other who are interested.

    Thanks, Edward