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Configuring the System Monitoring Widget (Solution Manager 7.1)

Login to SAP Solution manager working client (Example client 100)



This will open new browser window as below

Click On “Web service Configuration under Service Administration
In search TAB
Search by: Service Definition

Press Go

Highlight Search result and Press Apply Selection

Go to configuration Tab and press Create

Provide service name and description and binding name
In Our case
Service Name : Z_Widget_Monitor
Description : Widget Monitoring
New Binding Name : Binding_Widget

Apply setting

Select User ID/Password and press Save

You will see message as below


In TCode SICF you will able to search service binding_widget as below


Open System Monitoring Widget

Note: This can be download from SAP Solution Manager System Monitoring work Center 27-07-2012 1-33-09 PM.gif

This is pre configured and provided by SAP


Right click on it and go to widget preference


Provide Webservice URL and HTTP url

Web Service URL:  http://<SolmanHostname>:<80instance number>/ /sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/ai_tmon_overview_service/100/z_widget_monitor/binding_widget
HTTP URL: http://<SolmanHostname>:<80instance number>/


Go to Select Monitor Object Tab
Provide object you want to monitor (For example look at second screen)



Provide username and password for Solman_Admin user

You will see widget updated as below

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    • Dear Yogesh,

      Thanks for the detailed document, i was trying to configure the same on a Win 7 PC and when i try to connect after the required configurations the widget closes by itself with the message "Yahoo Widget has stopped working". This happens after providing the user name and password for the solution manager system.

      Any idea what could be the reason?



  • Hi Yogesh,

    Do you have any idea if the widget respond with error like this ?

    „Failed to get System Status List“

    Reason: Datenanforderung fehlgeschlagen

    Grund: Internal Server Error

    Tried to find elsewhere, fix the authorization, and also recreate on the soamanager seems that was not the issues.

    I couldn't do more troubleshooting but I wish you know something.



  • Dear Experts,

    Do you have a suggestion for using monitoring widgets on solution manager 7.1 sp13 ?

    I can not found download widget link in system monitoring.



    • Unfortunately I couldn't find it anymore on Solman 7.1 SP12 either...

      But we still had a 7.1 SP8 on sandbox machine from I could download it and install it on SP12...