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Scenario specific message staging and logging in PI 7.31 AAE

PI 7.31 introduced a new concept called scenario specific message staging and logging. You can now enable or disable message staging and logging for the specific integration scenario. Scenario specific persistence (staging or logging) is available only for scenarios involving advanced adapter engine. In other words, scenario specific persistence is applicable only to integrated configurations.

As you can see from the below screenshots, there is a new tab “Advanced Settings” in Integrated configuration.


With this option, you can save message versions, edit them and restart the processing of the changed message. The following values are available as drop down for each step and they are self explanatory. 

  • None – Message version is not saved
  • Store on error – Message version is saved only if the following step has error
  • Save – Message version is always saved


With this option, you can save message versions for logging purposes. Note that with this option you only have read only access to the message version. The following values are available as drop down for each step and they are self explanatory

  • None – Message version is not saved
  • Log – Message version saved for logging
  • Log on error -Message version saved for logging in case of error
  • Log without payload – Message version saved for logging without payload
  • Log on error without payload – Message version is saved for logging only on error without payload


For global configuration of message persistence in AAE please refer to the following blogs which introduce and explain the concepts.

The following diagram from SAP help shows the processing steps in advanced adapter engine pipeline and helps us understand the processing. Additional details on processing steps are available at sap help SAP Library – Advanced Adapter Engine

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  • Hi, Nageshewar.

    Thank you for the useful information. Since RWB is not working well anymore in PO 731, I am using the PIMON. However, how do you see the detailed log contents after I turned on the highest logging in the ICO? I clicked on "view message content" and it produces a mess in a text file.



    • Hi Jonathan Ma,

      RWB will not work with PO 731.

      Once you enable detailed logging, you should be able to select different versions and see the appropriate payload. I agree with you that sometimes the payload data is not displayed as an XML. We may have to use other tools to view it as proper XML.

  • Hi Nageshewar.

    Nice post with good introduction.

    However in my testing, I find that the MS stage is actually after Interface Determination. There is no stage between Receiver Determination and Interface Determination.


    Jonathan B.