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Have an Idea to Improve SCN?

In SAP Community Network we deliver social innovation, provide a platform for collaboration and the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. One of the ways in which we deliver these objectives is by maintaining SAP Community Network Improvements category on Idea Place. SAP Community Network Improvements on Idea Place is a public channel to suggest improvements, innovate and make our Community Run Better. This is the place to submit your thoughts and make a difference.

We highly encourage people to be a part of the SCN innovation process, where SCN professional teams invest thought, effort, and willingness to implement the best ideas. When these factors come together we are able to produce the best results.

As a part of the SCN Collaboration Team and an avid community member I encounter great ideas through Idea Place, which contributes to SCN. One of the many appreciated ideas is an idea submitted by Mark Finnern on “Subscribe to blog topic without commenting …“. This suggestion took concrete shape after the migration to the new platform. Currently members are able to be notified on blogs, discussions and other content without being actually involved (without commenting). A member may choose to track information which routes all activity into personal Communications page by clicking on Track in Communications. This idea received a nice number of votes; which means other people liked the idea and maybe thought of it too.

Another idea that was implemented was an idea posted by Harsh Saxena proposing to add screenshots and images to discussion threads. I’m sure that this feature is highly appreciated amongst users who prefer to insert a visual image to their question/answer. Users can insert images by clicking the camera button in the editing pane when starting a discussion.


Additional ideas implemented in SCN can be found in the SCN Community Network Improvements Page under idea status “Delivered”. There are much more ideas which are in their initial “Submitted” stage and I would like to encourage you to vote, comment and share your own thoughts.

Seeing great ideas delivered makes me proud to be a member of SAP Community Network.

Let’s build the future together!

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    • Hi mr.PPIO,

      The Idea Place space can be easily found in the navigation tab, although the last in the list but definitely not the least.

      You are completely right more people should be exposed to the idea of the Idea Place, and I hope that you could also help to spread the word! 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback,


  • I agree with mr. PPIO that Idea Place might not be promoted enough. Also that site suffers from the same malady as SCN itself - non-intuitive navigation.

    Just look at the home page - it's easier to submit a new idea than to find an existing one. There is a button for 'All Ideas', which has a long, long tree structure underneath. If I was searching for the SCN related ideas, where would I go? 'SAP Community Network improvements'? 'NEW SCN feedback'? These are hiding under 'Services and Communities', by the way. Why isn't there just a big 'SCN Ideas' button?

    Let's say I've managed to arrive at 'NEW SCN feedback' (the site is a bit slow). I click on 'Most Popular' and what do I see? The first idea has 18 (by the way, I have no idea what this number means, can only guess it's a total of "yays" and "nays"), the next one has 5, the third one - 16. Few lines down there is an idea with '-4' (clearly not a favorite). This is a rather strange popularity rank, if you ask me.

    I'd actually be curious who is looking at the ideas already submitted and what criteria they're using to pick the ideas for implementation. E.g. is there a minimum number of votes to get someone's attention? This is not very clear.

    P.S. If you don't like my comment - feel free to vote up my idea Dislike / thumbs down option on Idea place! 🙂

    • Hi Jelena,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Idea Place's navigation is a result of it's own success, what worked for 50 Idea Sessions no longer works for hundreds. We are reviewing the navigation and how people discover Idea Sessions. What may be easier is, on the main Idea Place page to scroll down to see all Idea Sessions. Or search and the results page will show matching Idea Sessions in the right hand pane.

      The 'Most Popular' is prioritized by the most votes in the last week. See the FAQ for more details:

      The number there is up votes - down votes to show the priority of an idea. Multiple sort options exist to help visitors discover ideas.

      Oxana will need to provide details how how SCN reviews ideas for 'SAP Community Network Improvements' Idea Session as each owner can do their own process.


      • Kuhan, thank you for a response. Unfortunately, I can't see the FAQ document you're referencing - getting an authorization error.

        In any case, it's really confusing when the labels on a web site don't mean what they say. If it says "most popular" then it should simply show the list of most popular ideas, based on their current rank. Otherwise it should be labeled as "most popular in the last 4 weeks". We can have a vote here, but I'm pretty sure the majority will agree with my definition of what "most popular" is.

        Let's also keep in mind that SCN is an international community and the users might have different levels of English knowledge (and speak different English dialects). By keeping things simple and straightforward we can make SCN approachable for everyone.

        I'm hoping very much there will be some navigation improvements for both SCN and Idea Place.

        • Hi Jelena, the FAQ is now availabe, thanks for pointing that out.

          The 'Most Popular' notion has been a controversial one. Many systems use this but the algorithim to determine most popular ideas is invariably always different and sometimes complex. It is a measure of activity but not a measure of the most liked. Even bad news can get more attention than good news. 🙂 You may be interested in the 'Highest Score' option which shows ideas by Up votes minus Down votes.

          We are looking to review the experience and perhaps you would like to be included in the review?

          As for SCN navigation improvements, please submit them to the SCN Improvements Idea Session on Idea Place.

          As mentioned in this blog, Oxana and team is following that Idea Session and will review ideas submitted.



          • Kuhan - yes, I'd like to be included in the review. Actually when new SCN was implemented, I think more users should have been involved in "test driving". But it's another story.

            Since English is not my first language, I looked up definition of "popular" and Google says: "Liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people <...>". Besides, in the FAQs (that are now accessible, thank you) under "what are you going to do with ideas" it reads: "This team is responsible for selecting the most popular ideas<...>", which doesn't seem to make sense if "most popular" list actually presents the "most voted" ideas.

            I think that if "most popular" tab actually shows the ideas with highest score and the "most voted" idea list is labeled as such, it should clear all the confusion. Perhaps I should get this thought on the Idea Place. 🙂

          • Thanks Jelena, I've updated that answer to the question in the FAQ. And have recorded you feedback and will reach out to you when we start user feedback and testing for the updated version. It is important to ensure not native English speakers find it easy as well.

  • Hi Jelena,

    Thank you for your feedback! New ideas related to SCN should be posted to SAP Community Network Improvements category. We are planning to merge the New SCN Feedback with the SAP Community Network Improvements over the next few weeks.

    Most probably one of our team members will publish a blog describing the process of reviewing ideas on 'SAP Community Network Improvements' Idea Session.

    I appreciate your comments and would be happy to vote on the dislike option in SCN. 😉

    Kuhan thank you for your valuable comments!