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Best Way to Grow Enterprise Mobility In-House

Taking a stance of ‘Build it and they will come‘ has never worked in IT and especially now with the Consumerisation of Mobility and the Prosumers (Professional + Consumer) in your Enterprise, whom are expecting or even demanding the same experience as Mobile Apps on the App Stores/Markets. These employees have been covertly educated to expect the best mobility experience and are now turning their thoughts to solutions in their daily tasks, on the go! Just look at the best ranking mobile apps within the App Stores/Markets and the Apps that are being acquired for large sums of money… they would have all done their homework to ensure maximum effect and this is now the target where Enterprise Mobility is expected to shoot for!

In-House Mobile Application Development is the key going forward for the Enterprise
and many companies nowadays have a Chief Mobility Officer (CMoO). It is the CMoO‘s top responsibility to Co-ordinate Mobility Trends and Directions, reducing any wasted time and effort and ultimately empowering the Enterprise with the benefits of mobility that I have mentioned in previous articles, such as streamlining business processes, rapid response, ultimately gaining a competitive advantage.
MICSo what is the best way forward? The key role of the CMoO‘s coordination is being a visionary, bridging the gap between business and IT and it is my belief that the forward thinking companies out there, should be forming a Mobility Innovation Council (MIC), that can meet on scheduled occasions, even once a month. These Mobility Innovation Council’s are the Incubators of Mobility and should be tasked with identifying the Mobile Applications to benefit the company in the way forward.

The MIC’s Team should contain 10 to 20 key members such as, skilled representatives from the corporate Mobile Development Team, a Mobility Architect, the Stakeholders for Mobility within the company and most importantly End Users within various departments, with the essential business process expertise. All of these should be Chaired by the CMoO and the output of a MIC should be suggested solutions, that come from the business users upwardsThough the suggestions need first to be ratified via a reality check by the Mobile Architect and Mobile Development Team, against the current and future technology and mobile infrastructure, in use or planned by the company.

The MIC should never lose sight of the flow… Meaning > Solution > Product > Technology as suggested once to me by and come up with the ultimate goal of ideas for the Mobile Solutions needed by those that matter most… your future Information Workers! These ideas can easily become Application Definition Statements (ADS), then starts the magical part, as it is over to the Mobile Development Team including the UX Designers to deliver what is wanted & more, by innovating and producing a first class Mobile Experience and Solution in an awesome, beautiful and compelling Enterprise Mobile App.

Best Way to Grow Enterprise Mobility In-House… Create a A Game Changing Ideas Team

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