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SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp – a recap of the SAP Cloud Strategy session

Thank you to those who came down to the recent SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp in Newtown Square.

We’d like to give a rundown of SAP’s cloud overview in light of some tweets from industry analysts. See also attached video with some highlights of our recent findings via co-innovating the cloud.

sahiranand#SAPIndustries cloud security is not just about reliability but also portability, says Sven Denecken.

Security is still top of  mind, mainly for some colleagues in IT department. And rightfully so we need to be clear that in the cloud we are all in this together – security matters. But often this is only focusing on access security and availability of systems. One area which is underestimated is – portability of data – can you discontinue a service you purchased and move data to another service, or even on premise. And mobile very soon will be the predominant way to access data and services, is access restriction and reliability working cross layers – cloud, mobile and on premise?

SAP delivers a reasonable level of consistency in user and customer experience across all cloud solutions, regardless of the technology they are built on.  Every solution will provide a seamless user experience with a shared set of services.  Solutions will be connected with each other and with external applications via shared services and web service APIs.  Integration as a Service – played right saves a lot of hidden costs for customers.

61 percent of IT executives see mobile devices significantly improve the value and usefulness of social cloud solutions according to a recent study from Saugatuck Technology.  With the growing and widespread use of mobile devices, it is clear that mobility plays an important role in connectivity and business agility. By providing services on the cloud, SAP’s solutions are accessible from mobile devices – we even develop “mobile first” scenarios.

kmcneel: “The UI can be fancy, but it’s not useful if it’s not connected to the back end.” says @SDeneckenat #sapindustries

Integration is one of our design principles as it is a key ingredient to bring the solutions together.  We will deliver what customers expect: a consistent user experience across solutions as well as data and process integration.  Our standard out-of-the-box integration packages seamlessly connect cloud solutions to on-premise investments and to each other.  The goal is clear – if the customers want – here is one hand to shake. To do this, SAP is focusing on data, process, user experience, and an integration toolset.

Example: Data in the SAP core will be available to SFSF without having to reenter information.  Likewise, data created in SFSF is synchronized back into the HR core.

SAP provides a connected user experience by allowing for a single sign-on across the cloud and on-premise solutions.  A seamless UI and SSO will be achieved with a common set of services such as identity and profiles shared across applications.  Applications communicate with each other using web service APIs.  Partners and customers can also extend the applications themselves with our open and integrated platform.

And openness is important in the cloud. Cooperation’s with 3rd party integration service providers liken Dell Boomi, IBM Cast Iron and Mulesoft give customer more choice.

carterlusher#SAPIndustries A cornerstone of SAP’s cloud strategy is to enable customers to adopt cloud incrementally, not rip-and-replace

Research from Saugatuck Technology shows that the shift to the cloud is accelerating with the hybrid-cloud enterprise platform set to become the platform of choice by 2016.  Most would agree that the cloud evolution will ultimately lead to cloud pure-play domination.  However, businesses avoid ripping out existing solutions just for the sake of cloud – they predominantly opt in favor of hybrid solutions.

SAP’s cloud strategy incorporates this flexibility.  Our “loosely coupled” suite strategy allows customers to adopt the cloud incrementally at their own pace – while continuing to protect and leverage existing investments without disruption.  This way, customers are provided with the best of both worlds.  We offer a unified and open platform for our customers and partners to extend and create new apps in the cloud – check out our PaaS offering via SAP Netweaver Cloud.

Ckochster:  CIOs should be “social” with industry peers to build collaborative clouds/shared processes. Cool idea. #SAPIndustries

We believe as others that the role of CIO should shift from Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer.  Innovation and co-innovation with customers and partners is immensely valuable, especially as Enterprises build their cloud strategy.  CIOs and their business partners should identify B2B processes that could benefit from cloud collaboration services.  Together, they need to build an ecosystem of industry and IT partners that are able to build and operate such a collaborative business platform.

To quickly implement cloud solutions and increase business agility, CIOs also need to build their strategy around existing assets.  These assets should be complemented with new and innovative cloud business functions.  SAP’s loosely coupled suite of cloud solutions allow for easy integration with existing assets.

sahiranand#SAPIndustries Sven Denecken: social collaboration needs to be an integral part of product design. #Cloud can play a role in this process.

SAP sees the cloud as a way to deliver new possibilities to our customers, enabling them to run better and faster.  One key element of this is the embedded social capabilities of the SAP Cloud.  Our solutions are cohesive and connect people to the process, analytics, and content.  They are results-driven, improving business execution and accelerating performance.  And of course, our solutions work across the cloud and on-premise.


20 percent of all learning is formal, but the other 80 percent comes from conversations, sharing and interacting with others.  SAP wants to help people connect their everyday work with their goals.  Enabling people to find the right content and right people to work with allows them to work more effectively.

The constant discussions SAP has with customers and partners proves the dedication SAP has to our growing cloud community.  Between SAPPHIRE NOW and SuccessConnect, no other vendor has assembled more cloud customers, users, and partners.  SAP is leading the industry into the cloud and integrating the cloud strategy through collaboration with the eco-system globally.  We are establishing new standards, routes to value, and accelerating global business. Please join us on this co-innovative journey.

Regards Sven Denecken (@SDenecken!SDenecken)

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