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Voice controlled Xcelsius Dashboard

I have developed a Voice Controlled Dashboard using Microsoft’s Speech API. The Microsoft’s Speech API (SAPI) comes inbuilt with Windows 7 operating system. There are total 12 voice commands that we can use to control dashboard using voice.

Following are the Installation prerequisites:

  • Windows 7 Operating System (for SAPI)
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5 (for Application as it’s written in C#)
  • Headphone with Microphone. (Make sure microphone is configured and is working)

Here are the steps to install, run and use Voice Controlled Xcelsius Dashboard:

   1. Go to following link and Download ‘Speech Recognition’ file:

   2. Extract the zip file, right click on setup.exe and select ‘Run as administrator’.

Install Run as admin.jpg

   3. Click on Next, do not change the installation path and complete the installation.

Install 3_1.jpg

Install 6_1.jpg

   4. Once the installation is complete we will see a ‘Speech Recognition Dashboard’ entry under windows ‘Start Menu -> All Programs’. We will also find ‘Speech Recognition Dashboard’ icon on Desktop.

11 Start Menu_1.jpg

   5. Click on ‘Speech Recognition Dashboard’ icon. We will see following window:


   6. Click on ‘Start Speech Recognition’.


Start Speech Recognition.jpg

   7. Now we can speak following voice commands through microphone:

Voice Commands.jpg

   8. If we say ‘Go to North America’ we will notice that the ‘North America’ tab opens.


   9. Now if we say ‘Show Line Chart’, the Pie Chart will hide automatically and we can see that the Line Chart Appears.



   10. If we say ‘Show Column Chart’, the Line Chart will hide automatically and we can see that the Column Chart Appears.



   11. We can similarly speak other voice commands ‘Go to South America’, ‘Go to Europe’, ‘Go to Asia’ etc and navigate to other tabs using voice.

   12. We can also minimize, maximize and close the dashboard using following voice commands: ‘Minimize Dashboard’, ‘Maximize Dashboard’, ‘Close Dashboard’.

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