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What’s new: Finish work faster by connecting better with colleagues, improvements in work items

In this release of SAP StreamWork, you won’t have to spend as much time finding and including the people and information that are most important to critical business decisions with the addition of the Company Network, enhancements to the People to Follow widget, and improvements to @mentions.

This release will also help you to get the information that you need quickly and get work finished faster with the upgrades to work items and features including versioning, visualizations, references, and tables among other enhancements within SAP StreamWork that help you to complete work faster.

Read on to see the ways that these new features and enhancements in the latest release of SAP StreamWork will help you do the following:

Connect better with your colleagues

Reduce Confusion of Multiple Email Accounts

Do people try to reach you in SAP StreamWork by a different e-mail account than you have registered by? We have the solution for you! Now you can leverage all of your existing e-mail addresses to connect and join activities within SAP StreamWork. You can add multiple e-mail addresses to your profile by going to your profile settings. One e-mail address will always be your primary, but you can add secondary e-mail addresses to receive activity, notifications, and login to SAP StreamWork.

Increase Visibility within Your Company

Now you can connect to your colleagues across your company more easily, and stay up-to-date on what is happening around your business by seeing updates from colleagues across your company in real-time, without the need to follow them directly with the addition of the “Company Network”. 

You can also make sure that you are involved in the activities that are pertinent to your job by exploring activities posted by others in your company. You can streamline work processes by using templates that are posted from other individuals in your company, and you are able to find any content that is posted publicly within your organization including updates, activities, templates, people and items.


People that have their accounts managed as a part of an organization or company will see the Company Network menu in the left navigation. This is a quick way for you to access the directory of SAP StreamWork users in your company. You can also use this space to share content such as files and text with the entire organization to access and read outside of an activity.

Quickly Find and Follow Colleagues Central to Your Work

Find, and understand why, you should follow people from your organization in SAP StreamWork with the updated People to Follow widget. Your suggestions on who to follow now include the reason why you should follow someone, and will update more frequently.


More Ways to Stay in the Conversation with Email Enhancements

Stay in the conversation with your colleagues by quickly sending updates to your activities with enhancements to e-mail notifications. SAP StreamWork now fully supports replying to notification e-mails that will create a new reply to comments or @mentions in status updates that will appear on the same conversation.

Quickly Invite Colleagues with @Mention

Now you can quickly invite colleagues to activities where their participation is needed. Updates to the @mention feature help you to invite your colleagues to the activities where you use the @mention to reference them.


Easily make sense of work items

See the Difference… By Comparing Side-by-Side

Seeing the differences between text item or file versions from within SAP StreamWork is simpler than ever. In addition to providing notes on updated versions, you can also compare side-by-side any two versions of a text item or file. All you need to do is click the “Version History” option, and you can see a preview using the Scribd service inside the comparison window.


Allow Data to Speak for Itself with Customizable Visualizations

Sort through data more effectively and illustrate your point clearly with data exploration and visualization enhancements. You now have the ability to compare multiple metrics without grouping by a dimension value by simply pressing a button on the comparison chart. You can also compare multiple pie charts at once



Once you have established your visualization, you now have the ability to fine-tune the look and feel of it by changing aspects such as legend placement, colors, and title information. You can do this by accessing the visualization properties, which can be found by clicking the tab to the right of the data exploration.


Know what’s happening with the metrics that matter to you most. Get the most up-to-date information from visualizations, and compare data at multiple points in time by using the manual refresh option. This will capture a version that allows you to compare visualizations at different points in time with respect to your data.


Understand Changes Faster with Enhanced Table Updates

You will now be able to sort through updates faster with the enhancements that have been made to the work history of table items. You will find a better-summarized and more informative work history in your Feed when the contents of a table are updated.

Enable Planning and Execution for Milestones with References

Provide more information to your timeline events with the ability to add references to specific events. When you need to create timelines that will contain information about specific dates, you can add references to your events that point to the necessary information. You can now also create references that point to collection objects.


Get work finished faster

Assign Administrators for Your Activities

Keep your activities flowing when you go on vacation, or are just simply too busy to keep up, by assigning activity administrators to help with the logistics. These administrators that you assign have all of the power of the activity owner without actually owning the activity. These administrators can manage the details of an activity, such as accepting people into public activities, and they will receive all of the notifications that owners receive.

These administrators can make sure that the activities you assign them to are completed according to deadlines, and close the activities when they are finished so that your colleagues’ productivity is increased by focusing on activities that are incomplete.


Make Faster Changes to Tables with Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now navigate and edit the table quickly and easily by taking advantage of standard keyboard commands such as Tab, Alt + Tab, and arrow keys. You can also use the new context menus to quickly add or remove columns and rows with ease.

If you would like more technical information about this new release, please see our release notes. For an overview video on how to use these new features, please watch our tutorial video.

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