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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.3 – Launcher (document/query/view) from backend

SAPBusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.3 – Launcher (document/query/view) from backend


  1. Log on to the BW system.
  2. Transaction –> RAAOE (AO Excel). RAAOP(AO PPt).
  3. We get four options(radio buttons) here.To launch – IMG1.JPG
    1. Client Only
    2. Document (Workbook in case of Excel and presentation in case of PPt
    3. Query
    4. Query View
  4. Based on the aforementioned selections we get options to enter secondary parameters.
    Document name or Query Name or Query View name. IMG2.JPG
  5. In case of Document an additional parameter (checkbox) comes up Force Refresh. This option can be used to forcibly refresh the
         workbook/presentation on open.This setting overpowers the workbook/presentation setting “Refresh Workbook/Presentation on Opening”.
  6. Click on execute button (F8).
  7. Based on the selection, document/query/query view opens.


  1. AO 1.3 installed in the system.
  2. BW system >= 701.
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  • Hi - thank you for posting this

    For the launcher to work, you need to be on

    SAP NetWeaver BW 7.01 SP 12 or higher

    SAP NetWeaver BW 7.02 SP 11 or higher

    I am on 7.02 SP10 🙁

    See note 1724842