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How to pass parameters to BI Web Service (BIWS) from Xcelsius

  1. Launch Webi Rich Client, select Universe as a document source and click on Next.

1) Select Document Source1.jpg

   2. Select the desired universe from the list of available universes and click on OK.

2) Select universe from BOE1.jpg

   3. Drag City to Result Objects pane and State to Query Filters pane.

3) Drag state to filters1.jpg

   4. Change State filter to ‘Equal to’.

3) State filter1.jpg

   5. Make State filter as Prompt.

4) State filter prompt1.jpg

   6. Click on Run Query

5) Run Query1.jpg

   7. Select prompt value and click on Run Query.

6) Enter prompt value1.jpg

   8. Notice the query result.

7) query result.JPG

   9. Now export the Web Intelligence Report to CMS.

6) Export report to BOE11.jpg

7) Export report to BOE11.JPG

   10. Right click on the block and select Publish Block.

10) Publish block1.jpg

   11. Click on Next.

9) Publish Block11.jpg

   12. Make sure Enter State is checked and click on Next. This is the prompt for our BIWS.

12) Select prompts1.jpg

   13. Now enter the name and click on Set Filters.

13) Publish content1.jpg

   14. Uncheck City and click on OK.

14) Uncheck City1.jpg

15) Uncheck City1.jpg

   15. Click on Next.

16) Click on next.jpg

   16. Select a location to save Web Service and click on Create.

17) Webservice location1.JPG

   17. Enter Web service name and click on OK.

18) Web service name1.jpg

  18. Test2 web service is created successfully.

19) Creating Web Service1.jpg

20) Creating Web Service success msg1.jpg

   19. Click on Finish.

21) Finish1.jpg

   20. Now select Show BI Services from the right top corner.

16) Show BI Services1.jpg

   21. Notice that the Web Service Publisher window appears.

Show BI Web Service.JPG

          Note: WSDL URL is the url of the web service ‘Test2’ that we just created. 

   22. Now launch Query As A Web Service tool. Notice that Test2 BIWS is listed under QaaWS. Select Test2 and click on To Clipboard.

22) QaaWS To Clipboard1.jpg

   23. Launch Xcelsius designer, go to Data Manager and add new Query As A Web Service Connection. Paste the copied query in front of WSDL URL and click on Import button.

23) Import WSDL in Xcelsius1.jpg

   24. Bind query output with excel spreadsheet.

24) Bind query output1.jpg

   25. Bind query prompt with excel cell B1 and pass State value “DC” to the query.

26) Bind query prompt1.jpg

   26. Pass refresh= true to the query.

27) Bind Refresh true1.jpg

   27. Go to Usage tab and check Refresh Before Components Are Loaded.

28) Select refresh option1.jpg

   28. Take Spreadsheet table component on canvas and map its Display Data with query output in excel spreadsheet.

29) Bind Spreadsheet table.JPG

   30. Preview the dashboard. Notice that the dashboard shows list of Cities for the State “DC”.


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      Author's profile photo Vinaykumar Mhaske
      Vinaykumar Mhaske
      Blog Post Author

      Hi All,

      Let me know your feedback and suggestions!! 🙂

      You may rate this document If you find it useful.

      Thank you.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Vinay,

      The documents looks good. I am yet to implement it.

      Just a very basic question, in this document you have mentioned about BIWS, can we call any of webservices from Xcelcius?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Blog With all Screenshots 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice document 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi vinay,

      Nice blog.

      Suppose if my webi block has fields

      State         City                StoreName      Revenue

      Arizona     Phoenix           ABC                  $100

      Arizona     Tucson            BCD                  $200

      Alabama   Huntsville        ZDC                  $500

      Texas        Dallas             TAV                   $500

      Texas        Houston          HNV                  $600

      and I want to give user the flexibility to choose the state from a dropdown component. How do I map the values of the state in the drop down and bring in the data only for the state the user selects.

      Eg; Now from the data the user selects Texas from the drop down it should show data for Dallas and Houston only.