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Summary of blogs on the Innovations with SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2 – updated blog feed

Updated the blog with the latest post: This Blog will have the consolidation of all the Blogs in the SAP SRM 7.0 ehp2 Innovation series

Hi SAP Procurement Consultants / Customers / Partners / Subject Matter experts,

I hope you have tuned into our blog series on highlighting the various innovations in the categories of Strategic Sourcing, Sustainability, Continuous innovations in Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and SAP Sourcing

For those that have missed the continuity of the series, we have consolidated all of them into one summary post, this will help connect the dots for these innovations, with these features in the Sourcing professional’s hand, Strategic sourcing will be taken to the next level. The concept of Visualization and UI has to play a great role with these innovations..sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you have specific questions related to these innovations, you can contact Ramakrishna Potluri

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Blogs featuring the Innovations with SAP SRM 7.0 ehp2

Why you should ramp-up to SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2 – Part 1 Strategic Sourcing Innovations

Sequel 1: Strategic Sourcing Innovation 1 Automatic Info Record and source list Update from Central Contract  SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2

Sequel 2 taking Direct Material procurement to the next level using SAP SRM ehP2 sourcing innovations

Sequel 3: What is the Sourcing Graphical search in SAP SRM 7.0 ehP2, what’s in it for me?

Sequel 4: Trigger RFx for Quick quotes from shopping cart before approval

Sequel 5: Making better Sourcing decisions with the Active Bidders Reports innovation SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2

Sequel 6: Configure your RFx Response Comparison for better bid evaluations with SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2

Sequel 7: Empowering the buyer with the Shopping Cart Modification innovation in sourcing application with SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2

Sequel 8: Empowering Strategic buyers with the Embedded Analytics in RFx POWL with SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2

Adding power to the Procurement of Services using Service (Un) Bundling with SAP SRM 7.0 #EhP2

Paying it forward with a Sustainable SAP Procurement solution powered by SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2 & SAP ECC 6.0 EhP6

Submit a Shopping cart with ease using the new “Unknown Account Assignment category support” with SAP SRM 7.0 #EhP2

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