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Repair Process in SAP CS (Customer Service) – Part II

Taking forward from Part I of this Repair Process, we would see in the Part II following 3 areas of repair process-


  • Settlement Process (to Cost Centre)
  • Delivery if the Repaired Component back to Customer &
  • Billing to customer if the component is not in warranty




3.8 Settlement Process to Cost Centre


Now, we settlement of the service order is done in transaction KO88 as below-


5.1 Settlement.png


Click on below-


5.1 Settlement Details.png


Check the settlement accounting document-


5.2 Settlement Acc Doc.png


We see the controlling document as below which indicates costs are settled to cost centre-


5.2 Settlement Acc Doc_2.png



3.9 Delivery of Repaired Product to Customer



Before,  we deliver the repaired product to customer, we need to mark the service order for completion as indicated-


5.3 Service Order Teco.png


You get an option to mark the notification as complete.


5.3 Notification Closure.png


We check the status in the sales order for delivery creation-


5.4 SO Status.png


Prices for repair services are needed to be put in the pricing condition tab-


5.4 SO Pricing.png


We create the delivery / Transfer Order as below using transaction code VL02n-


5.5 Delivery Creation.png



Delivery is created as below-


5.6 Delivery.png


Outbound Delivery – 8112000169


Transfer Orders are created as below-


5.7.A TO.png


We select the processing mode as below-


5.7.B TO.png


We put the returns delivery number for the bin selection & storage type as 904-


5.7.C TO.png


We save the transfer order-


5.7.D TO.png


This can be validated in the document flow as below-



5.8 Del Doc Flow.png


We issue the goods from the delivery (Return material is repaired & delivered back to customer)-


5.9 Delivery PGI.png


This can be validated in the document flow-


5.9 PGI Doc flow.png


We check the movement type and note that this is non-valuated –


5.10 Del 601.png



3.10 Billing (if out of Warranty)


We create the billing document with reference to repair sales order-


6.1 Billing.png


Pricing gets pulled in from the sales order-


6.2 Billing Pricing.png


We save the billing document and note the billing number-


6.3 Billing Doc Flow.png


This is how we complete the repair process.


Please respond back with your comments in case we can improve this further to help larger audience of SAP Community.

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