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MRP Exception Messages list – introductory information

Dear all,

Most of you are aware of MRP Exception messages. Many are self explanatory and can help to analyze the MRP results.

We can check the MRP result and segregate by exception messages and take corrective actions.

Below are some of exception message details, which are grouped to the best of my findings, and sharing the list. Examples for them and testing are not included here, because each has there own importance and scenario dependents. Most of threads also help on this, an attempt to share the list with all.

We can see the list of MRP messages in transaction OMD3.

MRP Exception Message
Exception number Message comments / Actions / Solution
96 Stock fallen below safety stock level Procurement proposal required to fill safety stock
98 Abnormal end of materials planning Action to be taken for the eror message to run MRP
70 Max. release qty – quota exceeded Max release quantity as per source of supply exceeded, this has to be met with additional source of supply
1 Newly created order proposal Information message, indicating new procurement proposal in the planning run
2 New, and opening date in the past Planned order created in planing run has opening date in past. Action can be taken to change the opening date in planned order.
3 New, and start date in the past Order proposal has to be rescheduled to meet the delivery, start date may be adjusted in order.
4 New, and finish date in the past Finish date of the order proposal lies in past for the new order proposal, check whether scheduling has any problems for the dates.
61 Scheduling: Customizing inconsistent Scheduling customization not correct to be corrected
62 Scheduling: Master data inconsistent Error in explosion of master data
63 Production start before order start Differnce between times from routing and material master which influence has difference.
64 Production finish after order finish Differnce between times from routing and material master which influence has difference.
50 No BOM exists BOM does not exists, create it
52 No BOM selected BOM not selected due to reasons like selection id not maintained, validity end, etc
55 Phantom assembly not exploded Phantom assembly BOM not exploded reasons to be found for the same, as validity date etc
53 No BOM explosion due to missing config. Selection id problem in explosion of BOM , this has to becorrected
58 Uncovered reqmt after effective-out date Material discontinued which has demand before setting the indicator and the requirement flows to follow up material to be analysed and adjusted manually
56 Shortage in the planning time fence Stock shortage for the planning in the time fence
40 Coverage not provided by master plan Durig ATP check, requirement not covered, check in configuration of MRP
69 Recursive BOM components possible BOM has recursive material
5 Opening date in the past Opening date of the proposal is in past and to be corrected manually
6 Start date in the past Start date of the proposal is in past and to be corrected manually
7 Finish date in the past Finish date of the proposal is in past and to be corrected manually
10 Reschedule in Receipt can be forwarded
15 Reschedule out Reciept has to be met in before the proposed date, change manually
20 Cancel process Proposal is not required, can be reversed, some manually created proposals can be cancelled
30 Plan process according to schedule As per plan and schedle proposal has to be rescheduled
25 Excess stock Planned stock is more than maximum stock as per setting, check and take action if excess stock not requried.
26 Excess in individual segment System checks requirement for individual receipt segments and proposes the changes
57 Disc. matl partly replaced by follow-up Due to material blocked and replaced by followup material, action is initiated between blocked and followup material, information message
59 Receipt after effective-out date Receipt planned after effctive out date or the time mentioned in material master, it can be rescheduled
42 Order proposal has been changed Order proposal was changed in planning run , information message
44 Order proposal re-exploded BOM reexploded for order proposal
46 Order proposal has been manually changed Order proposal is changed manually
80 Reference to retail promotion MRP material is related to retail promotion
82 Item is blocked

Item is blocked for procurement



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