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How To Find Process Chain Variant ‘Where Used’ List

Hi, in this document I will show you how you can see the ‘where-used’ list for process chain variants and meta-chains.

There may be certain scenarios where we may be under compulsion to use the same process chain variant more than once in different chains. Like for example the ‘Activation’ variant for a DSO or the ‘Index Deletion’ variant for an Infocube. It is always better to know if the process variant that we are planning to re-use has been used before and if it is, then where.

Previously, in BW3.5 we did not have the option of searching for a ‘where-used’ list for process chain variants, but now we have it in BW7.3. I am not sure if it existed in BW7.

In the process chain transaction RSPC the search icon  lets you search for a particular chain under a display component. Once you are in RSPC hitting the ‘Ctrl+F’ would bring up the search box for searching specific objects in AWB,


But, when you double-click on any chain in RSPC and then when you hit ‘Ctrl+F’, the following search box is displayed,


Here you can check for specific process variant types like InfoPackage loads, DSO Activation, Attribute Chain Runs etc,


The same option can be used for a meta-chain also, to search for the main chain which triggers the meta-chain,


The ‘Process Type’ is not a mandatory field while searching for process chain variants.

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