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Dynamic Product Proposal

Dynamic Product Proposal:-

A product proposal is a list of products for a specific customer that is automatically proposed during sales document processing. You can decide for yourself which material should be displayed as product proposal in the sales document. You can also determine the sequence in which the materials appear in the product proposal  or  we can say it is the concept by which system automatically (dynamically) proposes all the materials that the customer regularly purchases as soon as the Sold-to-Party number is entered.

The product proposal is both an entry help and an aid to sales support and promotions. It is particularly helpful in Telesales, where the employee automatically receives a display of all the materials that are interests to particular customer. This helps them to provide appropriate advice to the customer quickly and easily. The sales document history enables you to analyse the purchasing behavior and recognize early on if it changes, for instance, when the customer suddenly stops ordering a product.

We can determine product proposal from different data sources:-

  • Order History
  • Listed Materials
  • Excluded Materials
  • Item Proposals.
  • Customer-Material Info records
  • Customer specific Data sources.

Configuration Settings:-

Menu Path:-

IMG Screen – Sales & Distribution – Basic functions – Dynamic product proposal

  • Define Customer procedure for product proposal

Example – ‘A’ – Product Proposal

(In Sales area data of the customer master section, Sales tab, we have to assign the customer procedure for product proposal i.e ‘A’ – Product proposal,   accessible via VD01/VD02 ).

  • Define document procedure for product proposal:-    

Example – ‘A’ – Product proposal

  • Assign document procedure for product proposal to sales document types:-

We have choose the sales document type (e.g – OR) and assign document procedure for product proposal as ‘A’.

After this we shall save it & go back.

  • Maintain table of origin for product proposal:-

Here we will do New entries(F5) and maintain the source tables so as to propose the materials dynamically in the sales order, system requires the source from where the materials are going to be proposed by using one function module.

Source table :-

A- Order History

B- Listing

C- Item Proposal

D- Customer-Material Info record

E- Exclusion

  • Define product proposal procedure and determine access sequences:-

Example – We select the proposal ‘A00002’ – PP – Online and click on the access sequence control button under the dialogue structure and assign relevant function module to copy the materials from required source.

Function Module name :-

  • SD-DPP-Cross Selling
  • SD-DPP-Customer Material Info Record
  • SD-DPP-Exclusion
  • SD-DPP-History
  • SD-DPP-Listing
  • SD-DPP-Product Proposal

We will go for function module SD-DPP-Product Proposal in our example and Save it.

  • Maintain procedure determination (Online) for product proposal:-

Here in New Entries(F5) we will maintain the values in the table :-

Sales Org Distr Channel Division Sales Office Sales Group PP for Customer PP for Document PP Procedure
0001 01 02 IN11 IN01 A A A00002

We will save it and go back.

Now after the configuration is over we can create a sales order(VA01) and check Dynamic Product Proposal effect by Specifying the Sold-To-Party Number.

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