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Creation & Realisation MSC UK


PHENOMENAL! One word we would use in the UK to describe the impact of mobility devices exploding within SAP and what we can do with them.

So in early 2010, SAP started with 22,000 BB worldwide and by Q2 we were into supporting iPhones and iPads. The backend then grew to include mobile application platform, and demand for devices grew within SAP. The next challenge was security and support of these devices. This is where mobile champions were born, selected and trained, with Wiki and communities to increase the development of skills set and knowledge rapidly to get ahead of the game! So in 2 years were are up 30,000 I-devices and 1,500 Android devices.

Second level support in the UK was changing rapidly due to the increase of smartphones, tablets etc. So when Nico Costemalle approached us to design and open a Mobility Solution Centre, we spent months planning, designing and creating the mobility centre of excellence for the UK colleagues. The aims were to provide a complete end to end service for the business including provider contract management to receiving/allocating devices, supporting the devices and Apps, and also running mobile demo workshops for the ‘SAP runs SAP’ Afaria enrolment and systems surrounding it.

We analysed the current local business trends and mobility demands with Presales, Sales and Marketing about what their expectations would be from the mobility centre in their location. Taking this into consideration, alongside the requirements to assist with the SAP goal to be the ‘mobile leader’ in business, we needed to make it a success and would have to consistently change in line with developments in the mobile world. SAP UK were to be the 1st ever SAP Mobility centre to open its doors to SAP colleagues, and run by SAP internal staff using Mobile Champions to support our colleagues. The pressure and expectation was high.

We achieved opening our mobility centre with the smallest budget in comparison with the all the new ones that have opened since. Being the first, we had a limited budget but worked with our provider, Vodafone, to supply display stands and’ try before you buy’ devices, to assist with procurement and demo questions. This was the first for SAP, and Vodafone donated £40,000 worth of display stands and agreed to provide test devices for mobility centre staff, display stands and to change them in accordance with device changes within the mobility area of the business.

SAP UK Mobility team jumped at the chance to get on board with us as they saw the benefits of both teams working closely together, transferring knowledge from them to us about the Top Apps everyone should be using and us enrolling and pushing the APPS out onto devices. The plan then was to do workshops together to increase the knowledge of SAP UK colleagues to be selling Apps, advising and support all smart devices within SAP and to customers.

We opened in January 2012, the demand for our service was like bees to a honey pot! As soon as we opened the doors, we could not perceive the up take on the services we were offering and much praise for the local business. Increasing weekly, were the walk in’s,’ try before you buy’ and assistance for the enrolment. The more devices that came into the UK meant the more visitors we have had and revisits. Comments from those who have used our services:

‘How it was great that internal people know and understand the business would be supporting them’;

‘It is great to be able to walk in and get a consultation, advice and support without logging a ticket!’

Although the customer feels that they have walked in and had their problem solved without logging a ticket, the Mobility Solution Center has captured the data. We scan bar codes into a database and record the reason they have come to the centre and support given. We can analyse the types of reasons for coming to see us and add this to our CSS tickets for a full analysis. We are working towards converting this scanned analysis into to CSS ticket form, as our next steps.

Bar codes.JPGdata analysis.JPG

We have been asked to attend many events, workshops and TIPS sessions. We did a Mobility day with Presales and Sales people in the UK and 65 out of 80 attendees, which is the biggest uptake they have had for all session run previously. The feedback was when the next one is and they found it very valuable sessions and this is what they have wanted for a long time.

We have changed our mobility centre a couple times, as being the first we set the standard and now with more coming on board we are working towards a Mobile Solution Center (MSC) harmonisation. Therefore, the experience is the same whichever country you go to that has a MSC. We were originally called an IT mobility centre, and now we are a Mobile Solution Center (MSC). We have changed the centre around as working with it and the new developments, we found it works a lot better now and gives us more scope to improve in the future.

We are also working with Facilities, Presales and Marketing to develop a mobility area on the ground floor, where we could incorporate more support for internal and external customers. It is looking promising and the support in the local business is great for this development within the UK. Our next plan which is under way is also to work now with Samsung UK to provide display stands and devices like the agreement we have with Vodafone. We will aim to do this with any other providers SAP will work with when it comes to mobility.

We were also honoured that Oliver Bussmann could spare some time to come up and view our MSC on July 5th, some seven months after our opening. We showed him quickly around and he seemed very impressed with the MSC in the UK. It is a boost to all that he could come and offer his opinions as he is the leader in SAP when it comes to Mobility!!!!

Thomas and Oliver.JPG

In summary, we have evolved from a self-service attitude, with Wiki and communities, to a personal touch demand for proactive and direct involvement with the MSC. It is far from the end when it comes to mobility, customers demands and new inventions and Apps out there!! Bring it on!!!!!!!

Come and visit our Mobility team below and follow the change by pictures story below:

Mobiltiy Team in the UK:

Mobility Team 2012.JPG

Opening day:


Touchscreen TV.JPGMSC.jpg

Changed to this in June 2012:

Change JUne 2012.JPG

Changed to this in July 2012:


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