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Portal Testing.doc

Portal Testing:

  1. 1) Checking portal links (URLS).
  2. 2) Testing portal Objects.
  3. 3) Testing clients (system objects properties).
  4. 4) Testing PCD object locking
  5. 5) Remove browser cache files.
  6. 6) Testing JCO RFC destination.
  7. 7) Checking log files.

Checking Portal links (URL):

First we have to check portal URLs working or not this is Basis people work portal side we can’t do anything. 

Testing portal Objects:

Portal Objects:  Iviews, pages, worksets, folders and Roles.

If went to test any iviews and roles etc… 

When we open


  1. Go to content administrationàportal content   click on search tab

Then we entered iviews names or pages names in search tab.

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