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How hard is it to post your question in the correct space?

Apparently it’s EXTREMELY hard, as I’ve witness in the ByDesign space. Question after question that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

This is an issue because:

1) If posted in the correct space, your question could be useful and contribute to others invested in that space.

2) It makes you look social media illiterate. And if you can’t figure out how to post to the correct space, how could you possibly be taken seriously as an SAP Consultant/Developer/Whatever

I love the SCN and it’s thoughtful contributors, but it becomes a chore to shuffle through all the garbage posted in the wrong spaces. It’s sad that a group of professionals are showing up to the SCN at amateur hour.

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  • for over an hour now I am looking for a space hosting discussions and materials about NWBC (Netweaver Business Client) and being a place wher I could research potential similar issue to mine and finally post a question myself.

    IMHO it's simply impossible to decide if there is no such place or if just don't find it. To me the SCN site structure simply is a fail.

    I can understand that many colleagues try for not so long a time and then post anywhere just to get their problem on any acitivty stream *hoping* the right people may notice it.

    I won't do that but on the other hand won't get my problem solved here on SCN anymore (or even only brought to the attention of fellows).

    I think it's the tool, but officials pray that the tool is just - awesome.


    • HI Anton,

      I recently raised the structure issue via the SCN feedback questionnaire, since some of the spaces are confusing. However, I think SAP marketing have some influence in this and the way they see it is not always the way that users see it. I will raise this again in the SAP Mentor SCN call we have next week.

      Best regards,


      • Luke Marson wrote:


        ... However, I think SAP marketing have some influence in this and the way they see it is not always the way that users see it....


        I think that's one of the major issues. As far as I understand SAP marketing does not only have some influence but effectively they own the whole SCN thing. And they see things differently than users.

        Just imagine all SAP internal food facilities, restaurants, coffe machines, etc would belong to Marketing and everyone had to eat and drink mainly merchandising products 😉

        Although I usually like the Apples with the SAP logos on it 🙂


        • The current space structure on SCN is influenced by several factors and I'd say that the marketing influence isn't as great as portrayed.

          The new SCN inherited the previous homepages, and forum and blog categories that all had to be mixed and matched together. Then there's the need to keep everything in line with product renamings, shift in strategy and so on.  Product managers exert lots of influence too and these aren't marketing people: these are experts that are at the forefront of development and strategy.

          Of course, this is still a work in progress: innovation and learning never stops.  At the heart of the community are our SCN users: this site if for them and I can honestly say that what's best for the users weighs heavily on our decision making processes.

          I have to admit that content posted in the incorrect format and/or space presents a challenge.  Just this morning I discovered that users are posting English B1 queries in the German B1 space. 😯

          The role of search in this is very important too and that's why I created a custom Google search Site search continues to improve weekly and, fingers crossed, soon you should be able to search within the content tab too...almost there.

  • Good job bringing up this conversation as I spend to MUCH time as a moderator moving forum questions to the right places and a majority of them are not even close to where they should be (ie Question about SAP ERP FI posted in SAP HR Shared Services)

    This gave me a chuckle "And if you can't figure out how to post to the correct space, how could you possibly be taken seriously as an SAP Consultant/Developer/Whatever" as it is something I have thought many times but then when I read the question it often confirms that they shouldnt be taken seriously as a consultant regardless of where the question is posted 🙂

  • The question should be "How hard is it to post your question?",  NOT How hard is it to post your question in the correct space?

    I have been looking 30 to 40 minutes to find the place to post a question.  I finally looked up at the top line to see I was no longer logged in.  OK, so I logged in again and I finally noticed a tiny CREATE icon at top right , clicked it and there was a drop down showing "DISCUSSION - Start a conversation or post a question.  DOES the icon only appear when I am logged in ?  If that is the case,  change to keep the CREATE icon but with a message that you are not logged in.

    This was REALLY frusturating to search thru all the stuff and blindly discover I was logged out somehow.  THere was no message of the  log out.


  • There were a lot of problems like this in the early days of new SCN and I was guilty of posting in the wrong place. I think now people know their way about it is not such an issue. I do agree, it is annoying when it happens though!

  • The simple fact has always been and probably always will be, those who use SDN/SCN as a crutch to do their job will always invest as little effort as possible in engaging in the community in an appropriate and proper manner.  It has always been like this since SDN began, and now the new SCN platform with easier access to posting blogs and the like is just bringing it to the attention of a wider audience.  I suspect it hasn't necessarily got worse, just more obvious/prevalant.  I also think most on-line communities suffer the same fate.

    The SAPFans website was the same when I used to use it regularly - their response was pretty firm moderation, which cut out a lot of noise but also limited the freedom that is available here on SCN.  I'm sure there should be an appropriate and well known quote about freedom and responsibility I could use here...

    In my view, there is a stark correlation between quality of content (questions, blogs, documents, etc.) and how "correctly" they are posted.  Stupid questions are often posted as blogs; stupid blogs are often posted in the incorrect space; popular spaces (in terms of volume at least, for example ABAP Programming) are often full of pointless, basic questions that are easily answered either by actually knowing what you are doing, or alternatively by searching SCN, Google, SAP Help, OSS or all of the above.  Stupid, basic questions often get massive volumes of views and numerous repeated answers, whilst more complex or interesting questions are quickly ignored and lost in the noise.

    I could go on and on about point hunters and gaming the system, etc as well but it's been done to death countless times and I doubt very much will change.  Moderation and education are key, however moderation by its nature is re-active and education is a slow battle to be fought.  I'm not sure it will ever be won.

    But then what do I know?  I'm a miserable bugger who moans about everything and have ranted along these lins so many times before on here... 😉