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Setting Browser Document Mode on Portal Framework


When using the SAP Portal with Internet Explorer browsers, in some cases the content is displayed poorly and functionality is impaired. This might be because the content in the Portal was designed for an earlier version of IE. For these cases Microsoft developed the Compatibility View.

This feature allows administrators to set the Compatibility View, Standard mode and Quirks mode from server side.



Portal Versions:


SAP NetWeaver 7.00 SP28 and above.


SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SP13 and above.


SAP NetWeaver 7.02 SP12 and above.


SAP NetWeaver 7.11 SP11 and above.


SAP NetWeaver 7.20 SP08 and above.


SAP NetWeaver 7.30 SP08 and above.


SAP NetWeaver 7.31 SP05 and above.


How to use

In the versions mentioned above an iView called ‘Browser Document Mode’ was introduced. This iView adds an X-UA-Compatible HTTP header into the portal and affects both the IE Browser Mode and the Document Mode in a way mentioned here and here.


The iView is located under Content Administration -> Portal Content -> Portal Content -> Content Provided by SAP -> Admin Interfaces -> Admin iView Templates -> Browser Document Mode. Here you can change the default value of the iView, set to IE=EmulateIE7, meaning that the IE Browser Mode is IE7 Compatibility View and the IE Document Mode is Quirks. To change the iViews value, open it’s property editor -> select the Framework category -> and modify the Browser Document Mode value, as shown below:



The Browser Document Mode iView was also added to all the out-of-the-box portal framework pages. If you want to add this functionality to your own developed framework page, just copy the iView from the location above into your framework page. The iView should be one of the first iViews to run in the layout, and should be marked as Visible:




To verify that the iView is working, open an HTTP monitor, e.g. HttpWatch, and record the loading of the framework page, there you should see the x-ua-compatible response header with the configured value:



Hope this helps



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  • Hi Dani,

    nice blog, thank you.

    To add some more info on this subject, these OSS Notes are also useful:

    sapnote_0001458799 Note 1458799 - Limited supportability for IE8  IE9 in the Portal.pdf

    sapnote_0001583947 Note 1583947 - Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9 for end users.pdf

    sapnote_0001622985 Note 1622985 - Support Internet Explorer 9.pdf

    I ran into this for one of the Projects I support only last week.

    All the best,


  • Hi Dani,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I read your blog on setting compatibility mode from server side.

    We are on 7.02 SP6 but the prerequisite to do this is SAP NetWeaver 7.02 SP12 and above.

    I do not see SP12 available for download yet. Is it possible to tell when it will be available?

    Or, is it possible to make this feature available as a patch on SP6?

    Please let me know and appreciate your help,



  • Hello,

    Great news.

    Is there anything that i can use for a Portal Logonpage as well ?
    IE is there in Quirks; no possibility of changing the Header, since it is not an iview,
    but a HTTPServlet.

    Any idea for that? This also effects the mobile login page, which is as of SP8 in the Logon Package.



  • Hi Dani,

    I just came across your post while I was writing a similar one of my own The Quirks of Browser Rendering

    I wanted to ask you when you make the change to mention in the portal it only changes the portal IE browser mode, any content you have in the portal like web dynpro apps etc... would still have their own mode right?


  • I try to set IE=EmulateIE8, and I can see the header with httpwatch.

    But the page still not work in IE9, while do work in IE8. 😥

  • Hi,

    I have a solution for IE9:

    I've used Light Desktop where I set the Browser Document Mode iview to sap-ie=Edge.

    This was only put the IE9 into standard mode, but the called up ABAP webdynpro was still in Quirk mode.

    In the iview calling up the ABAP WebDynpro I switched off the Share Browser Document mode checkbox AND parallel I have added to the Application paramter properties the sap-ie=Edge.

    That did the trick, the ABAP WebDynpro has been started in Standards mode and worked very well using HTML Islands!

    Hope it could help.



  • Hi Dani,

    I have a portal 7.31 SP9 and we also just pushed out IE11 for other newer 7.40 portals.  I can't update this one portal yet due to on-going projects.  We are pushing standard mode via a desktop GPO.  This is causing an annoying pop-up:


    Switching to Enterprise Mode resolves the issue.  We are not familiar with modifying the Application Parameters property "sap-ie"= so it overrides the GPO and renders Enterprise Mode.  Does anyone have any documentation for this?


    Dan Mead