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BusinessObject Analysis Office 1.3 – Your First Steps and Some New Features

BusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.3 is now in ramp-up.  I installed it recently and it gives you these features at installation:


Figure 1

As Figure 1 shows you have the option to go back to 1.2 or earlier version.  Analysis Office can be installed on 32 bit or 64 bit software systems.


Figure 2

Notice in this screen what is new – Variants, which are saved selection criteria are now included in Analysis Office 1.3.  These can be global or user-specific.

So now you can use variants with your Analysis Office workbooks.


Figure 3

Notice in Figure 3 you can now save your workbook to SAP Netweaver (your BW system) and open the workbook from Netweaver.  Additionally you can now convert the BEx Workbooks.

You can still save your workbook to the BI platform, which you may want to consider doing to take advantage of Analysis Views where Analysis can be used as a data source to Crystal Reports for Enterprise or Web Intelligence.


Figure 4

Figure 4 shows saving the Analysis Workbook to the BW platform


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows the user settings.  You could say your preferred platform is the BI platform or BW.

Converting a simple BEx workbook:


Figure 6

Figure 6 shows a BEx Analyzer Workbook


Figure 7

Click the Convert BEx Workbook button in Figure 7 to start converting the BEx workbook


Figure 8

Figure 8 is the BEx Workbook to convert.


Figure 9

Figure 9 shows the BEx workbook in Analysis Office.

I will write more as I learn about it.

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  • Hi Tammy,

    nice overview. one click to turn SAP BEx to Excel Pivot? does it use MDX or BICS and how long did take for a reasonably sized cube (1M records) to convert? what is the navigation performance?



    • Gregory Misiorek

      Yes one click to convert BEx to Analysis (Analysis Display panel is similar to Excel Pivot)

      Since it is in Analysis it is using BICS

      Navigation performance is same as always like it was in Analysis Office

      I only tried it out today in a sandbox environment - not 1M records yet 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  • Tammy,

    I have a question on the upgrade process. We are currently on SAP Business Objects Advanced Analysis 1.2 and are planning to upgrade to 1.3. Since it is just a client tool I am kind of confused as to why the upgrade is reffered to as ramp up. I would think we just buy the software and install it with out having to through the whole ramp up process with a ramp up coach at our site etc..

    Can you help me understand what they mean when they say ramp up here?

  • Hi Tammy,

    Can we access Universes as data sources with the Analysis for Office? I see only the option of connecting to Bex "assuming it to be more closely for SAP BW.

    If we need to access Universes with Excel is "Live office" the only Solution. I was actually expecting in BI4.0 a possibility with Analysis for Office to have everything. As such we would like to have one tool/plugin for Excel that can integrate all sources of BO / BW (Universe /Bex Query / Cube).

    Is such a solution foreseen?



    • Preetham BV

      Thanks for commenting

      Right now in the 1.3 release you cannot access Universes via Analysis for Office

      I cannot speak for SAP as to when this will be a solution - I am only an SAP Customer

      I recommend creating an idea on Idea Place.  Yours is a common question/request.



  • Tammy

    Are existing variants available after executing migration program RSR_MIGRATE_VARIANTS?  Are the variants available when executing a datasource or query - not a workbopok?


    • Hi John - I am not upgrading BW - would you please post this as a question in the discussion forum so SAP can take a look?



  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for this blog, Couple of questions,

    Since we are storing the objects in BW

    1. We can transport and system value DEV -> QA -> PROD will take care automatically. BW - Conversion of Logical system Names.

    2. Do we get broadcast function, like BEx Analyzer workbook?

    Is this ramp-up will take 6 months like other ramp-up or soon it will be GA?



    • Ramesh,

      Thank you for posting.

      Regarding transports, would you please post this as a question in the discussion forum?

      Broadcasting is not part of the 1.3 release

      I cannot speak to when it will be GA as that is up to SAP (I am an SAP customer) and they have to meet KPI's before it is GA.  Generally ramp-up for Analysis Office is much shorter as it is a "lightweight" rampup.