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How to register your local SLD on your 7.3 AS Java Gateway

SAP Netweaver 7.3 AS Java features a AS Java Gateway by default. This also means you can use this gateway as a gateway for the system landscape directory (SLD).  In the comments  of one of my older blog posts “How to push ABAP system data to a Java only SLD” a question was raised if it’s possible to register the SLD to an AS Java based gateway and use that gateway for the SLD destinations. The answer is “yes”, this is possible. How? I invite you to read on and find out.


Picture 1.0

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Under Unix the AS Java gateway runs through process You can see on picture 1.0 that the Gateway is part of the SCS and it is also noticeable in the process name:<SID>_SCS<instance number SCS> pf=<profile> -no_abap

SLD settings


Picture 1.1

In the SLD go to Administration


Picture 1.2

Next go to Settings


Picture 1.3

Change the Section to datasupplier by selecting it in the dropdown box


Picture 1.4

Change the GatewayHost into the host of the AS Java 7.3

Change the GatewayService into sapgw<SCS instance number>

  • For example AS Java 7.3 AA1 has instance number 00 (-> JC00 and SCS01) -> sapgw01 is used


Picture 1.5

Hit Save

This will trigger the yellow exclamation mark stating you need to stop/start your SLD to activate the changes made


Picture 1.6

Go back to administration and click on Stop SLD


Picture 1.7

Once stopped, click on Start SLD again to start up the SLD again with the new values

The stop/start shouldn’t take very long, it should be really quick.

What happened now is that the SLD_UC and SLD_NUC connections are registered on the AS Java 7.3 gateway. What still needs to happen is point the ABAP system or systems to the correct gateway so they can find the SLD destinations.


Picture 1.8

In this case maintaining RZ70 for an ABAP based system is the same as maintaining a SLD connection to a dual stack SAP system that contains the SLD. You fill in the host where the SLD runs and the gateway on which the destinations are registered.

In this case this is the 7.3 AS Java host and it’s respective SCS gateway.

Once maintained push Execute.


Picture 1.9

If the data push is successful you should see this in the logging: Data Collected successfully and RFC call successful.

To verify that the data has been pushed to the SLD you can go check if your ABAP based SAP system has a current date/time stamp under Technical Systems in your SLD.

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