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NetWeaver Compositon Environment 7.3 Trial version available on SCN

Since yesterday we do have a Trial version of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment available on SCN. This includes more or less the complete Java world of SAP NetWeaver. In more detail:

  • NetWeaver Application Server Java
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM)
  • NetWeaver Developer Studio

The download is delivered as an Appliance installation in a VMWare environment, so it needs a VMWare installation. In addition it requires a download for a Linux environment, that this system is based on. The database used for this Appliance is Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. Trials are licensed for use in a period of 90 days.

With such you may experience the Java World that is available with SAP NetWeaver including Java development with the Java EE 5 capabilities, Web Dynpro for Java, Business Process Management with BPMN capabilities, and many more.

With this release we go away from the concept of delivering real installations for trial software. This is mainly because it makes installation shorter and on a second effort it also makes it easier for us to produce new trials.

Go to “SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Downloads” to get the software.

Details about installtion are in Installation and How-To Guide – SAP NW CE 7.3 Trial.

If you have any trouble with the installation, please go to the Java space and open a discussion there!

If there is any problem with starting try Application Server Java Troubleshooting

UPDATE 2014-04-23:

All downloads moved to SAP store. This specific one can be found under

UPDATE 2014-11-24:

The active license for the download has expired. We are currently looking into solutions to make it available again. Once this is available I will post it here.

UPDATE 2015-09-29:

The trial program for NetWeaver Composition Environment has been stopped. There is no more on premise trial of the NetWeaver Java Server.

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  • Benny,

    if I could I would give you a 20 star rating and 100 likes.I hope that the SAP Portal will make it one day as a trial too.

    As the db is Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, is this a change away of MaxDB as the "default" trial DB?

    • Thanks Tobias for your kind words.

      In the product the default did not change -yet. I have no idea how we will end up with this. The main reason for Sybase ASE was that this is now officially supported with NetWeaver and we want to show it to as many customers as possible. I personally would like to see SQL Anywhere in the Development Workplace, as this is way smaller. But thsi si effort fo the next years (and I'm NOT saying this is planned in any way!).

  • Hi Benny,

    Great work! I just go my NetWeaver 7.3 Trial up and running 🙂

    One remark: It looks like the only allowed hostname is sapnwce73. With my first attempt (hostname:sapnw73) my server didn't startup and stopped after a few minutes. I could get it started again. Maybe the installation guide needs be updated, now it says you can enter a unique hostname.

    Kind regards,


    • For legal reasons I can only answer in one way here: You have signed an agreement that you will use the trial only for 90 days. This is legally binding, no matter what would be technically possible.



      • Once SAP enforced the 90 days period and it wasn't able to prolong the trials. And some time later SAP reviewed that decision because of user protest.

        -> "Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

  • Many, many thanks for delivering this trial!

    The one thing I do regret though is this 7.3 version is only available for Linux environment...

    As a Mac user, I used to have one Windows VM running both NetWeaver CE and NWDS. Since this trial is only for Linux and NWDS currently only runs on Windows, I'm now forced to run two VM's simultaneously, which will be a major memory/resource drain.

    Are you planning on delivering the trial for the Windows platform as well? Given the huge numbers of Mac users I see at the various **Jam meetings, I'm sure this would be very welcome

    • Hi Robin,

      for a Windows version we would need to deliver the OS to you, which is complicated as this is property of Microsoft, of course, and we are not allowed to distribute it. Even the Suse Linux system is not distributed by us, as you download it from Novell, like you already have experienced. I'm not aware about Microsofts strategy on this and it will be a big effort to find out (Lawyers have to talk to lawyers, maybe we have to arrange an agreement).

      Really tough project...



      • Hi Benny,

        Thanks for the swift response. I perfectly see the implications, and by delivering a VM appliance instead of a 'real' installation comes indeed with the limitation of being Linux-only

        I had just a small glimpse of hope there might be an old-skool Windows-based 'real' installation for NetWeaver CE 7.3 in the future as well... Oh well, guess I have to invest in some extra RAM then 😉

        Nevertheless, thanks again for delivering this trial version!



  • Could you please confirm whether this trail version includes 7.3 ehp 1 or just 7.3?

    Also is this the single Java stack integrated BPM/PI installation?


  • Great

    I ve already dowloaded and installed but i have problems with license (license not valid found) but in nwa/licenses the license seems to be valid . 🙁

    • Try to request a new license from minisap. SAP has made a change in the generation of the license key on tuesday. The new license key will match with your

      Required SW-Product name in the NW7.3 Trial and has the right value SWPRODUCTNAME=J2EE-Engine_SYB

      It worked for me 🙂



  • Hello Benny!

    Thanks for your post and for this version!

    But I have one little issue - I can't set debuggable to Java instance - it doesn't accept password of any system user - neither root nor cesadm. And I didn't changed these passwords. What I did wrong?



  • Everytime I try to add a license according to the Installation and How-To Guide, I get this error message"

    License not installed due to:

    License file CES.txt contains an incorrect SAP license key: length of the SID is not 3.

    License key(s) is not completely installed.

    Not sure, maybe I don't have to add the license for the 90 day trial? But it's in the guide.

    I've tried this install 3 times, followed the instructions word for word, the system does seem to be running. Any ideas?


      • Hi Mariana,

        Thank you for the update

        I have already worked on B2B add on adapter  ie EDI Separator, but as I dont get full access at work place, I wanted to check the rest of adapters with trail version....

        I have installed the trial version on SID C73 with MAX DB and as you said B2B ADD ON is not yet supported in 7.31 trail version but with out B2B ADD ON, to me its almost similar to 7.11

        Any Idea when B2B add on adapter will be available for trail version ?



  • Hi Benny Schaich-Lebek,

    It appears that the license of the Sybase ASE server that is running underneath SAP CE has expired yesterday (April 30th 2013).

    Is there any way to renew this license or to apply a new license file to this trial package?


    Jan Penninkhof

    • I tried installing the Trial yesterday and the SAP System Start does not complete.  It looks like the database is not started. Is this the issue with the Sybase license?  I attempted the installation 3 times and always came back to the same database instance not running problem.


      • Hi Steven,

        Your new install will indeed not run, as it currently ships with an expired database license. Until Benny finds a solution, you may way to try if you can get it to work if you change the date to before April 30th though.



        • I'm having the same problems. Tried your suggestion with changing the date and it didn't work either. I'm hoping the fix comes soon!



    • This license file is located at /sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/SYBASE_SAP_TestDrive.lic. Could SAP provide a new one please? Or maybe there is a way to obtain a ASE eval license online?

      Best regards


      • We are working on a solution. This means we will provide a new download that will have a new license included. There is no other way due to legal and company rules.

        This will take at least until next week.



      • It appears that I've managed to get my existing CE 7.3 running again by using a free developer license of Sybase ASE 15.7. An Express license might work as well, not tried, yet...

        CAVEAT: I've not really worked with it yet (and won't have time to do so in the near future ) - just started the CE services and did a very quick check...

        Therefore, I've no idea if a developer license is sufficient to actually run CE - or if it lacks some required components, doesn't allow enough concurrent connections, whatever

        This is what I did:

        1. Downloaded Sybase ASE 15.7 Trial (=Developer Edition) via
          (quick download:
        2. Extracted the tgz and the tar therein with 7-ZIP
        3. In the folder "archives" of the extracted tar you can find the two free licenses:
          SYBASE_ASE_DE.lic - Developer Edition
          SYBASE_ASE_XE.lic - Express Edition
        4. Copy one of them (I used the DE lic) into this folder of your CE:
        5. [MAYBE NOT NEEDED] make a backup and edit file "/sybase/CES/ASE-15_0/sysam/"
          find the setting "PE=EE" and change it to:
          PE=DE - Developer Edition
          PE=XE - Express Edition
        6. try starting your CE services - at least for me it works again, now...

        Obviously, this won't help you if you do not already have a CE system (that worked OK till May '13)...

        • Hi Dominique, the licences folder seems to be write protected.
          May I ask how you worked around this?
          I am using the virtual machine trial installation. 

          • Hi Marco.

            You'll have to do this as root - either start the whole X session as root (normally not recommended) or open a command terminal and use "su -" to switch to user root.

            I've changed the passwords on my system - I do not remember 100% what the original root password was - I "think" for root it was "saptestdrive". Check the readme and guides if this is not the correct password...

        • Works for me too. Thank you very, very much 🙂

          As it turns out the number of connections in the license is to small to run CE. It does start, but when you start working with it, it dies very soon and is practically useless...

          Has anyone come up with a solution for this?

        • however you have to keep in mind that this license is somewhat limited. I'm having troubles with max. connections (which is 25 and you cannot increase it) on DE, and on XE you are limited with memory and hard disk space.

    • The beginning issue was a license that had been running out. Unfortunately we found additional issues while working on this which make it much more complicated than just issuing a new license.

      In addition I do not have the resources to manage a way out of this. So for now I do not have a schedule when this will happen. I'll put as much of my time in this as possible, but that is all I can do currently.



  • Thank you for your effort on this trial version.

    I downloaded the file today.

    And I tried to extract the "SAP_NW_CE_7.3_TRIAL_VERSIONv32.rar" file,

    I got the "Checksum error", and there is not "SAPNWCE73_v32.iso" file in the



    Please, would you mind check the rar file?

      • I am sorry to hear that you had a heart attack, but happy for you're ok now.

        Finally, I  succeed to extract the file without error.

        There was always happed the extracting error, when I tried download the file with Internet Explorer 10(Korean Windows 7).

        But, I tried to download the file with Chrome, and the file was extracted successfully.

        I think there is something wrong with IE 10 Korean version, but I'm not sure.

        If anyone have same error, try to download with another browser like Chrome.

  • Hi,

    I've installed the SAP Netweaver CE 7.3 and replaced the SYBASE_ASE_DE.lic in /sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses, but I still got error by starting the system.

    Here are the error infos in CES.log. Any help would be appreciated,

    Thanks in advance


    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.62 kernel  SySAM: Using licenses from: /sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/SYBASE.lic:/sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/SYBASE_ASE_DE.lic:/sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/SYBASE_ASE_XE.lic

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.86 kernel  SySAM: Checked out license for 1 ASE_CORE (2014.1031/31-oct-2014/1B3E C649 D2A9 852A) will expire Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.86 kernel  Error: 131274, Severity: 17, State: 1

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.86 kernel  SySAM: WARNING: ASE will shutdown on Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET, unless a suitable ASE_CORE license is obtained before that date.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.86 kernel  This product is licensed to: SAP, for use with SAP Business Applications.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.86 kernel  Checked out license ASE_CORE

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:22.86 kernel  Adaptive Server Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.33 kernel  Using config area from primary master device.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.34 kernel  The value of 'max online engines' has been modified from '16' to the default value '1' since the original value is illegal. The legal values are between '1' and '2'.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.34 kernel  The value of 'number of user connections' has been modified from '200' to the default value '25' since the original value is illegal. The legal values are between '5' and '50'.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.35 kernel  SySAM: Checked out license for 1 ASE_PARTITIONS (2014.1031/31-oct-2014/1B3E C649 D2A9 852A) will expire Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.35 kernel  Error: 131275, Severity: 17, State: 1

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.35 kernel  SySAM: WARNING: ASE functionality that requires the ASE_PARTITIONS license will be disabled on Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET, unless a suitable ASE_PARTITIONS license is obtained before that date.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.35 kernel  Checked out license ASE_PARTITIONS

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.36 kernel  SySAM: Checked out license for 1 ASE_COMPRESSION (2014.1031/31-oct-2014/1B3E C649 D2A9 852A) will expire Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.36 kernel  Error: 131275, Severity: 17, State: 1

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.36 kernel  SySAM: WARNING: ASE functionality that requires the ASE_COMPRESSION license will be disabled on Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET, unless a suitable ASE_COMPRESSION license is obtained before that date.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.36 kernel  Checked out license ASE_COMPRESSION

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.37 kernel  SySAM: Checked out license for 1 ASE_ASM (2014.1031/31-oct-2014/1B3E C649 D2A9 852A) will expire Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.37 kernel  Error: 131275, Severity: 17, State: 1

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.37 kernel  SySAM: WARNING: ASE functionality that requires the ASE_ASM license will be disabled on Sat 01 Nov 2014 12:00:00 AM CET, unless a suitable ASE_ASM license is obtained before that date.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.37 kernel  Checked out license ASE_ASM

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.42 kernel  Could not allocate memory using Huge Pages. Allocated using regular pages. For better performance, reboot the server after configuring enough Huge Pages.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.42 kernel  Internal run-time model set for Linux  - Native

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.42 kernel  Adaptive Server is using the threaded kernel mode.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.42 kernel  Using 32800 file descriptors.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.42 kernel  Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7.0/EBF 19674 SMP Refresh #3/P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/aseasapga/2823/64-bit/FBO/Fri Dec  9 03:29:19 2011

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.42 kernel  Confidential property of Sybase, Inc.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Copyright 1987, 2011

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Sybase, Inc.  All rights reserved.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Unpublished rights reserved under U.S. copyright laws.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel 

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  This software contains confidential and trade secret information of Sybase,

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Inc.   Use,  duplication or disclosure of the software and documentation by

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  the  U.S.  Government  is  subject  to  restrictions set forth in a license

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  agreement  between  the  Government  and  Sybase,  Inc.  or  other  written

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  agreement  specifying  the  Government's rights to use the software and any

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  applicable FAR provisions, for example, FAR 52.227-19.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Sybase, Inc. One Sybase Drive, Dublin, CA 94568, USA

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Using /sybase/CES as the 'SYBASE' environment variable, found during startup.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Using OCS-15_0 as the 'SYBASE_OCS' environment variable, found during startup.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Using ASE-15_0 as the 'SYBASE_ASE' environment variable, found during startup.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  ASE booted on host 'sapnwce73' running Linux release version #1 SMP 2011-07-14 14:47:44 +0200.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Using '/sybase/CES/ASE-15_0/CES.cfg' for configuration information.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Logging ASE messages in file '/sybase/CES/ASE-15_0/install/CES.log'.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Disk Controller Manager is online.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Network Controller Manager is online.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.43 kernel  Ct-Lib Controller Manager is online.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.46 kernel  Platform TCP network support seems IPv6-aware, IPv4/IPv6 are both enabled.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.46 kernel  ASE booted with TCP_NODELAY enabled.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.47 kernel  Network and device connection limit is 32785.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.47 kernel  ASE - Dynamic Pluggable Component Interface is disabled

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:23.48 kernel  Adaptive Server is running as process id 7773.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:33.69 server  Number of blocks left for proc headers: 313248.

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:33.69 server  Proc header memory allocated 62649 pages for each per engine cache

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:36.70 kernel  Create Thread Pool 2, "syb_system_pool", type="Run To Completion", with 1 threads

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:36.70 kernel  Create Thread Pool 3, "syb_blocking_pool", type="Run To Completion", with 4 threads

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:36.70 kernel  Create Thread Pool 1, "syb_default_pool", type="Engine (Multiplexed)", with 1 threads

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:36.80 kernel  kscsinit: connectivity library error. Operation: cs_ctx_alloc().

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:36.80 kernel  Failed to initialize cslib

    00:0000:00000:00000:2014/01/20 01:50:36.80 kernel  Attempt to resize 'Ct-Lib Controller Manager' failed because a new controller could not be created.

    • There is now a new version available for download - while I've not used it myself yet I understand that this already contains a new, valid Sybase license.

      The download is behaving a bit strange - but I could download the large RAR file quite well using a download manager (but for example not with Firefox)...

      The errors you are seeing are mostly likely due to the fact that the license in your image limits the allowable connection count to a value lower than what SAP needs to work properly (from the log SAP wants 200 but the license only allows 25 or 50)...



      • The move of the SCN downloads to SAP Store is a total disaster. The links on SCN weren't adjusted, no automated redirects, logon to SAP Store is done via SAP ID Service (aka: good luck), most probably you`ll have to use another user to log on to SAP Store as at least my SCN user sometimes works, most of the time not - this means: switching browsers!

        Finding a software download on SAP Store is not really intuitive. But you get big, large buttons. If you find the right link, you "buy" the download and get then the download links emailed (which, btw, means you'll have to a) wait for the email and b) switch browser window or open your mail application.*)

        In the final step you have to hope that the download links are working, if not, search SCN (hint: do this first, maybe someone posted the link), and as a last resort: go back to SAP Store, wait for the chat window to open, chat with SAP support, explain your situation and they will give you some direct download links.

        Short: good luck and SAP did it again: from something that worked went straight to making it complicated.

        *the email part actually means that your SAP Store user has an email assigned you can access in your current environment. If it is a public mailer and you are behind a corporate proxy, chances are good this is not the case, so maybe you`ll have to use your smartphone to get the email with the links and forward it from there.

        In case someone is wondering: Yes, I am not happy about the move to SAP Store

        • Hi All,

          We had a technical issue with this file as it is 5 GB.

          I hope the problem is resolved and the solution will be ready tomorrow morniing EST.

          Tobias, since i was a team memeber and key person of this project i would like to say this:

          As with any other big project we tried to cover everything but still had a few hickups.

          The status now is that out of 74 solutions we migrated we have 2 that has a problem.

          one of which is the package above that I hope will be resolved by tomorrow.

          one of the key factors of the move to the store was how old, unfreindly and hard to maintain the old platform and server were.

          As for the email  - this is how the store works and this is part of the process.

          i am sorry you are not happy with this move but in the end of the day we had worked hard and long to move to a much better platform much better UI and look and feel.

          i am going to launch a list that will map all the old items to the new solutions this will hopefully help people find what they look for..



          • Hi David,

            it is nice that SAP does try to offer a better solution, but:

            "one of the key factors of the move to the store was how old, unfriendly and hard to maintain the old platform and server were."

            Sorry to hear that the old platform caused some workload on SAP's side, but as an end user, honestly, I do not care a lot about that fact. I care about my perspective and everyone else that was involved should do that too: Users first. What I had was a download page that worked. I was able to find a download file in seconds, accept the terms and download it.

            -> Easy. Modern? no. But it worked.

            If SAP, SCN, or whoever is responsible for this, wants to change the download option, feel free to do it. But a minimum requirement is: what worked before, needs to work afterwards too.

            For instance, before the move to SAP Store, I had to log on to SCN to download the files. Now I have to pass SAP ID Service. given the history of this service, this is effectively a good way to not have people download the trials. My SCN user sometimes works, sometimes not. Why? I do not know, and honestly, I should not have to care about this. Using another user I can access SAP Store and download the files.

            As you already published a blog explaining how to download trials, there is one more thing that should have stopped the move: while the trials are available world wide (they are free, after all), it may be that SAP Store will not permit the download depending on the country setting of the user. Workaround: change the country setting of the user.

            Before: logon to SCN, accept terms, download.

            Now: way more complicated.

            As it is now SAP Store, I guess there is nothing to do about it. SAP decided, we only can accept it.

          •   Hi Tobias,

            You are right the user should come first! And this is exactly what we had in mind in this project.

            If I had a dollar for every time the download link didn't work, or
            someone complained on a broken link, or the time it took to check what is wrong...

            Let me put it like this:  the platform you said was working had a lot of problems behind the scenes. We faced a lot of complaints even before the actual time and effort it took us to update or upload an item. There is a lot of maintenance behind the scenes and a lot of
            complaints from the package owners about it. So the move was part of our ongoing effort to improve the customr service.

            As for the sign in process - I will follow up on this because it is our interest
            to make sure it works smoothly. 


            I hope that over time you will come to appreciate the improvement…


  • Hello Benny,

    We have a partner is preparing the SAP certification and want to download the 7.3 trial version.

    They registered and send the information, but still could not find the download link.

    Do you know how can we find the link?

    Your help will be very appreciated!

    Best Regards,


  • Hello, it looks like the database license is expired again (expired on 31. October). Will there be a new version available for download or is there a way to extend trial license for ASE database?

    • To my information (I'm not responsible for this any more) future trials will be offered in the cloud only. I will take care that this will not be downloadable any longer...



      • Hi Benny,

        On Nov. 11 2014 you wrote that this trial download would not be updated, on the grounds that all future trials would be cloud-based. But then on Nov. 24 2014 you wrote that SAP was looking into solutions to make this particular trial (presumably with updated database license) available again. Since then, three months have passed.

        Can you provide a status update? It seems quite a few of us derive great value from being able to run this trial image in POCs...



          • Benny Schaich-Lebek wrote:

            If you just tried the link again, you should be able to download the trial version.

            Confirmed, I'm downloading the 5.7 GB file. Has the included license been updated meaning is the trial usable? What is the new expiry date?

          • Just downloaded the current RAR file. Based on the modified date of 10/31/2013, and the version number in the name of the ISO (SAPNWCE_v32.iso), it appears the database license file has not been updated. Which makes the trial useless.

            Benny, is this how things will stay? Or, will the database license be updated to a post-2014 expiration date?



          • On the SAP Store page for the trial it says:

            Please copy the attached license file after the installation into the following folder: /sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses

            Was that clause there from the start? Anyway, I don't see any "attached license file" and now that I finished downloading the file, it isn't included inside the archive either.

          • Hi Mr. Samuli Kaski,

            were you able to find out about the license file??? It is no where to be found.

            Thanks & regards,

            Kiran K Grandhi.

  • Hi,

    I downloaded from SAP store but not able to find the below said file. Can you please help me?

    Please copy the attached license file after the installation into the following folder: /sybase/CES/SYSAM-2_0/licenses

    Was that clause there from the start? Anyway, I don't see any "attached license file" and now that I finished downloading the file, it isn't included inside the archive either.

    Thanks & regards,

    Kiran K Grandhi.

  • Dear Master and Guru,

    Any update on it?

    Otherwise, is there any version of SAP Netweaver Composition Environment that we can have the trial? Such as 7.1, 7.2 v.v... ???

    Please kindly share your download link if you guys have. Thanks a ton.



  • I have downloaded and installed CE from SAP Store, after installing it I´m not able to run because of the problem with the Sybase license, then I´ve done the procedure that Dominique Káiser kindly tell us, but, after 20 minutes or so, the problem appears again ("no valid license found" message in Sap Management Control).

    I wonder if all the people who is trying to install is having the same problem and if this is true (nobody is able to install the Composition Environment), why SAP still keeps it available in the store.

    I guess that if  the sw is still available in the store it should be posible to install (in the store it´s stated that "Please copy the attached license file after the installation into the following folder .." , but I haven´t found such file .

    The question is ¿does someone knows the  way to overcome this problem?