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How to export tabular format report in excel using crystal reports?


Exporting of Lines in Excel is not possible.


1.       Since, lines are not exported to excel it is not possible to export in tabular format. But here is a workaround. 

2.       Give border lines to each and every variable with a single line and place the objects side by side without any spaces in between variables.

3.       The problem with the above approach is that null variables are not evaluated and hence the borders will not be displayed. The workaround for this problem is replacing null values with single space.

Steps of work around:

1.       Select the objects “right click” given the borders as shown in screenshots.


2. Click on Preview and Click on Export and Select “Microsoft Excel” as shown in screenshot and click on OK and file is exported to excel.


3. Exported to Excel in a tabular format as shown in the Screen Shot.


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