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Shortcuts in Netweaver Developer Studio IDE

Description of the Short Cut Short cut Key
1 To Rebuild the project Ctrl+Alt+A

2 Deploy (But will not show in the browser) Ctrl+Alt+Y

3 Comment the selected line[s] Ctrl+/

4 Uncomment the selected line[s] Ctrl+\

5 Navigating through the tabs Ctrl+Alt+Page Down

6 To go to the specified Line Number Ctrl+L

7 Navigating through available Editors Ctrl+F6

8 Navigating through available Views Ctrl+F7

9 Navigating through available Perspectives Ctrl+F8

10 Moving through method names Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow

11 Scrolling the Page with out moving the cursor Ctrl+Down Arrow

12 Deletes the Selected Line Ctrl+E / Ctrl+Y

13 Deletes the content after cursor Ctrl+Shift+E

14 Inline, tab spacing Ctrl + I

15 Navigating through Editor’s open tabs (Views, component controller) Alt+Right Arrow

16 Inserts the text which is after the cursor into the new line Ctrl+Alt+M

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