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Output Determination Analysis

We make our life easily, with auto determination of data in transaction.

But, what if we want to check/evaluate the auto determination before or after saving the transaction.

Lets see that in terms of output determination in billing document.

We use TCode VV31 for maintaining condition record for output type.



If you want know, how/why your output type is/isn’t getting determine/determined automatically?

In TCode VF02, Overview Screen – Goto – Header – Output.


Then in output change screen, Goto – Determin.analysis Or press Ctrl+F1 from your keyboard.


That will lead you to analysis screen.


With this Analysis for your output type, you can evaluate your output determination.

You have this done on:

TCode Output Determination Level
VA02 Sales Order – Header
VA02 Sales Order – Item
VL02N Delivery Doc. – Header
VL02N Delivery Doc. – Item
VF02 Billing Doc. – Header
VF02 Billing Doc. – Item

In fact, this output determination analysis can be done for output type, irrespective of module. But, it can only be seen at change level of the document.

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