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Which SAP NetWeaver releases are compatible with ADT?

Looking at several posts and comments there seems to be a lot of confusion about which SAP NetWeaver release is compatible with the new ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver (ADT). And I completely agree, it’s not that obvious that the version of some core components differs from the corresponding SAP NetWeaver release identifier.

Coming back to the compatibility of ADT the most important components are the ABAP language, the ABAP runtime environment and the development infrastructure. ADT requires at least an AS ABAP with SAP Kernel 7.20 and SAP BASIS 7.31 with support package stack 04. This can easily be checked using SAP GUI:

Navigate in the menu to System -> Status and click on the Component Information button:


After verifying the SAP BASIS release close this window and hit the Other Kernel Info button:


Now, which SAP NetWeaver releases include an AS ABAP containing these component versions? The answer is:

The following SAP NetWeaver releases (onwards) are compatible with ADT:

I hope this clarifies most of the questions regarding the compatibility of ADT.

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      Former Member

      Hello Christopher Kaestner

      Can Run ABAP Eclipse with the components below??

      Kernel or ABAP Support Packages contained in SAP NetWeaver 7.3:


      SAP_BASIS    730            00

      SAP_ABA      730            00

      SAP_BW       730            00

      PI_BASIS     730            00

      ST-PI        2008_1_710     01

      Kernel version: 720

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      Blog Post Author

      Hello Marcos,

      Kernel-wise it would be sufficient (720), but you need at least SAP_BASIS 731. So easiest way to try it out is probably the AS ABAP 7.03 SP04 trial (minisap) if this would be an option. This trial version contains SAP_BASIS 731.

      Best regards,


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      Former Member

      Hi Christopher,

      Even with the above configuration SAP Bassis 731 and Kernal-wise 720 still having an issue like

      User XXXXXX is not authorized to access system E66 via ABAP in Eclipse

      (No authorization to access the resource  /sap/bc/adt/compatibility/graph.)

      Please let me know your thoughts and is there any other way i can create the SAP project in order to work on SAP ABAP code in SAP HANA Studio.

      Thanks in advance.


      Harikrishna Yoga

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      Former Member
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      Hi Harikrishna,

      did you check if your development user has the appropriate roles/authorizations? For more details please take a look at this guide:

      Best regards,


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      Marcus Schoelzel

      Additional info for some of the functions in Eclipse for ABAP:

      To use Debugging in Eclipse you need SAP-Kernel 7.21 for Netweaver 7.31.

      See note Hinweis 1728283 - SAP-Kernel 721: Allgemeine Informationen

      And for the Transport Organizer to use in Eclipse you should have Netweaver 7.31 SP07 installed.

      See note Hinweis 1795666 - ADT-Fehler: Transport Organizer zurzeit nicht unterstützt

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      Former Member

      I still can't understand something... maybe because SAP versioning logic is alien to me.

      I've heard that there are "equivalences" between minor releases and enhancement packages (or between enhancement packages and service packs), i.e. 7.00 SP4 == 7.01 SP1.

      First, is this true?

      Second, if that's true can you shed some light to me about which versions can be equivalent to the ones you reported as compatible?

      What baffles me is that you wrote that both NW 7.3 and NW 7.0 (?) are compatible. What is the relationship between NW 7.0 and SAP_BASIS 730 ?

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      Former Member

      A very Gud Relaease notes given by you..

      Author's profile photo Tumelo Modise
      Tumelo Modise

      Good day Christopher,

      We need to download ADT but not sure which version.

      Our Kernel Release : 742

      SAP BASIS : 702.

      Thanks in advanced,


      Tumelo Modise