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Steps in LIS / SIS (Overview)


Though detailed guidance in LIS / SIS configurations is widely available,a I am presenting here just a brief overview of step undertaken to do the needful:

  1. Create Field Catalogue (Key Figures & Statistics)
  2. Create Info Structures using Field Catalogues
  3. Assign Update Groups to Info Structures & Set up Update Rules for Key Figures & Characteristics.
  4. Activate the Update for Info Structures
  5. Perform statically set-up to upload and Post data in LIS.


  1. OMOA, OMOB, OMOC – Create, Change, Display – Application
  2. MC18, MC19, MC20 – Create, Change, Display – Field Catalogue
  3. MC21, MC22, MC23 – Create, Change, Display – Info Structures
  4. MC24, MC25, MC26 – Maintain update rules
  5. OMO1 – Activate Update.


Jignesh Mehta

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