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Frequently Used manu Paths

Hello Friends,

Normally as Consultants when ever we face Client staff we call SAP SAP Transactions by T-Code (E.g. VA01, Va21, VF31, etc). But for a normal employee of the Client it would not be possible to remember all the T-Codes that he is supposed to use. Thus he expects you to show him menu paths in SAP menu.

Many times, in past I saw senior SAP Consultants could not recall Menu path for a particular Transaction. Thus I am writing frequently used menu paths below:

Master data: Logistics – Sales and distribution – Master data

Display Sold-to party: Business partner – Customer – Display

Display Material: Products – Material – Other material – Display

Display Bill of Material: Products – Bills of Material – Bill of Material – Material BOM – Display

Display condition records (prices, discounts/surcharges, free goods, etc.): Conditions – Display

Display Output master records: Output – Sales document – Display

Customer-Material-Information: Agreements – Customer-Material Info – Display

Order processing: Logistics – Sales and distribution – Sales

Create/change/display Order: Order – Create/Change/Display

Create/change/display Inquiry: Inquiry – Create/Change/Display

Create/change/display Quotation: Quotation – Create/Change/Display

Create/change/display Scheduling Agreement – Scheduling agreement – Create/Change/Display

Display list of orders: Information system – Orders – List of sales documents

Display list of Incomplete Orders: Information system – Orders – List of incomplete orders

Shipping: Logistics – Sales and distribution – Shipping and Transportation

Create/change/display delivery: Outbound delivery – Create/Change/Display

Create transfer order: Picking – Create transfer order – Single Document

Post goods issue: Post goods issue – Outb. delivery Single Document

Billing: Logistics – Sales and distribution – Billing

Create/change/display Billing Document – Billing document – Create/Change/Display

Display financial Accounting Documents- Billing document – Display – Accounting overview


Jignesh Mehta

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  • hi nice post , how to make this, but you maintain the at USER MENU, here what are the t codes is required then you maintain, this USER MENU level maintain one by one t codes for daily use t codes  for sequence like VA01, VL01N,VF01, J1IIN , VL09, VF11 zsdcdepo, zordtl, like this you maintain, this is you can find easily , this type you can maintain

    any thing wrong please clarify.

    • Hello Bojja,

      Yes. You are correct, we can have user Menus & other settings.

      But if you note, if you or I as SD Consultants are asked Menu path to create Sales Order (VA01) or maintain Condition Record (VK11), we have to think a while.

      That is why I mentioned above that Consultants need to know SAP menu paths specially when they face client.


      Jignesh Mehta