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Current Processor functionality customizing settings coming with SP5

With Solution Manager SP5 the Current Processor functionality gets delivered.

It defines if a user goes into edit mode in a CRM document (Incident or ChaRM) if he/she is entered automatically, not entered or asked by a pop up to be entered as the business partner ‘Current Processor’.

The official text in the IMG says:

The parameter for using this functionality is called AIC_ASSIGN_PROCESSOR.
The values for the customizing are provided in brackets in the cases below.
These are also the settings which are provided by the system:

  • Case 1: (NONE) Do nothing

  • Case 2: (AUTO_NONE_POPUP) Automatic entry without user interaction. The
    logon user is written in the field

  • Case 3: (AUTO_POPUP_NO2READONLY) Automatic entry with popup. If you press
    button No, the system keeps read-only mode
  • Case 4: (AUTO_POPUP_NO2EDIT) Automatic entry with popup. If you button No
    is clicked, the system goes into Edit mode without changing the Processor.

The customizing entry is not shipped per default. But it’s important for customers that there is a default logic if no customizing entry is found.

The default case is:

Default Settings:

  • Incident Management: Case 4
  • Charm: Case 2

This might influence the customer process at first if you have handled this, so I would like to point this out to check this IMG activity and define how you would like to have the setting after SP5 upgrade.

The IMG activity is here:

Current Processor.jpg

Here the link to the offocial documentation:

Current Processor.jpg
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  • Hi Michael,

    This feature was working in SP 5 but we have upgraded to SP7 and it is no longer working for my incidents.  AGS_WORK_CUSTOM is set to AUTO_POPUP_NO2EDIT for the parameter and I am not using user profiles to over-ride the behaviour.  I get no popup and no user is inserted in the processor field.  I have tried with the standard transaction type SMIN as well as with my custom type.

    Any ideas where to look?



    After writing this, I found that I had to change the processor role to remove '*' from SM_SDK_ACT and replace with my popup appears but when I say 'yes' the processor field is not filled (and I am in edit mode).  Any action after that brings up a full screen modal window with the popup buttons and I have no choice but to cancel.

    AND, after writing this last bit, I found the reference to the user parameter AI_CRM_TXTEDIT_HTML....and it all works !!  It's hard going;  these 'features' are not fun or CHarMing !

  • In the default settings, there is a differentiation between the behavior of incidents and ChaRM documents, which is good. But when you make an entry in the customizing, all transaction types behave in the same way...

    Isn't there a way to make different settings for different transaction types?



  • Hi Michael,

    I  have case4(AUTO_POPUP_NO2EDIT) i my solution manager system but still pop up is not coming. Please suggest what i should check. I want to dispay message "Enter your BP as current processor"



    • Hi Zainul,

      could you check the following? If that is correct, please open a customer message,



      In the user profile (transaction SU3), you
      can specify per user that the dialog box is not displayed, and that the system
      enters the processor automatically. On the Parameterstab, enter AI_CRM_POPUP_PROC in the Parameter ID column, and X
      in the Parameter value column.

      Has the transaction type a partner
      function for the current processor (table AIC_PARTNER_FCT)

      the user a Business Partner assigned

      • Thank you Michael, I have checked all settings as suggested by you. All are in place. Opened customer message.

        I was not aware of table AIC_PARTNER_FCT. Thanks for sharing .



  • Hi Michael,

    Can you please help me in finding "Automatic Assignment Settings" in SPRO tree of Solution Manager 7.2.

    Actually I want to restrict other Change Manager from approving the "request for change" which is assigned to someone else. So by stopping automatic assignment of current processor, I will be able to stop any other change manager becoming partner of the "request for change".

    If you have any other solution to my requirement, please suggest.


    Ashvini Singh


    • Hi Michael,

      I could get the corresponding setting in SM 7.2 i.e. "Specify Settings for Automatic Assignment of Processor". Also after setting "AUTO_NONE_POPUP" to "NONE", current processor is not getting updated.

      But I am not able to achieve my objective to stop other change managers from approving change request not assigned to them.

      I also referred your blog But I could not control approval. Can you please suggest some solution to control the approval process?


      Ashvini Singh