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Objective : We want to create a screen variant of a standard t code so that whenever user execute the T Code , some specific fields becomes grey .

Lets take an example of T Code FCH5


Put curson on the field which is to be turned grey & search for its technical details.


Note Down its Program No. & Screen No.

Go to T Code : SHD0

Enter your T Code for which Screen Variant is to be created.


Enter a Z Transaction Variant Name


Go to Screen variant Tab

Enter the program & screen details noted above & create a new Screen variant.


System will provide you same screen for entering data


After entering all inputs , press Save


Choose the field which is to be make grey & in case you want it with content then click on W. Content.

Save it . Assign the screen variant created to the transaction variant created earlier.



In Standard variant tab , activate the screen variant created.


Now since the variant has been activated , you can check the standard t code .


Hope it helps !!!!


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  1. Lakshmi Kumari Sama

    Hi Sachin.

    Good doc. Please add the purpose of creating the screen variants and is it possible to give any name i.e. other than Zname to screen variant ? Is there any restrictions on screeen variant naming convention ?

    Please clarify my dobuts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Best Regards,

    Lakshmi S

  2. Diwa p

    Hi sachin,

    i cannot able to create variant when i am activating variant it’s throwing error screen varaint does not exist. please help me.


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