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Statistical Condition Type but value to post in FI

General Behaviour

As you are all aware, any condition type that is not checked for Statistical check box in pricing procedure will add to the net value and post the value in FI.  On the other hand,  if it is checked, it will not post the value in FI and also it will not add to net value in the sale order / billing.

Requirement need to be addressed

Now imagine, a requirement came to you as follows:-

A particular condition type should not add to net value in sale order / billing but should post to FI.  I have come across people who immediately say it is not possible even with user exit.  But, IT IS POSSIBLE via standard configuration itself.


Go to V/06, select that condition type and execute.  There, select the below tab and check the box for “Accruals”.


In your Pricing Procedure, don’t check the box for “Statistical” against this condition type BUT, have different Account Keys assigned at the last two columns viz.Account Key and Accruals.  Finally, in VKOA, assign the required G/L Account in the last two columns for both the Account Keys.

Now try to create a sale order and billing and check the FI posting.

G. Lakshmipathi

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  • Useful post, but I think the sentence 'don’t check the box for “Statistical”' is incorrect. If you do not mark it as statistical, it will influence the net value of an item, wheras marking the condition as statistical in pricing procedure allows posting of accruals without influence of the accrual amount on the item net value.



      • Dear Lakshmipathi,

        this kind of tips boost subject concentration for beginners and professionals. how we have to keen in terms client requirements and solution. Thanking you for your tips and future support also.

        warm regards,


  • Have already used this option but Good to get to know that this is a right approach from the post.

    Scenario : Freight is calculated but not charged to the customer. Yet it should be tracked by the business and captured in FI. So we implemented the same logic and got it done.

    • We also Implemented similar things called BAP price(Business affiliated price) condition type which was not charged to customer as in commercial invoice but shown in Excise invoice.But the intricate details of configuration and implication is very nicely depicted in this document by the author.

  • G Lakshmipathi,

    Your blog is structured (e.g. with sections) this makes it easy to understand.

    In my opinion, a (few) business examples would have made the blog more beneficial to the readers.

    Members have asked for tips to write "functional specification documents", I would suggest them to read your blog to get some idea on how to structure material.

    Thank you for this blog!

      • Dear Sir,

        Thanks for the example. I have used the condition type as accruals assgined the account key for "Accruals".

        I have a doubt. Is it mandatory to assign account key for "Account Key"

        • Not necessary.  But do a test scenario, take the concurrence from finance people on the postings and then move the request to production.

          G. Lakshmipathi

          • Well I tried.. if I am not assigning any account key.. then it doesnt post to the accrual account or then I get an error saying Item category 02000 is missing (obligatory in accounting transaction 0200/0001)

            coz it doesnt find any line item to be posted.

          • This is only possible for accrual entries as per my testing. You have to assign accrual G/L for posting otherwise system will not allow. If there is some other way please share.

  • Hi Laxmipathi,

    I have similar requirement for my client, but here the scenario is posting the cost to deferred G/L, (Revenue  Recognition is active), But encountered below error:

    Balance in transaction currency

    Message no. F5702


    A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'USD' with the following

    Exchange rate '00', amount '           334.80' and currency key 'USD'.

    The data in the transaction currency were transferred from the calling

    System Response

    Your data cannot be processed in FI.


    The error is probably in the calling application.

    Any suggestion will be very helpful



  • Hi,

    Add one  business senario: for some export business, we need pay VAT tax of sales order first , then refund from government after get approval,  so this tax should not be charged to customer (not cumulated into net price) but need be posted into FI for tax refund usage...

    With best regrds


    • Hi, I have a similar request. Can you share how did you achieve it. Was the condition type a tax condition type ?

      I am having trouble as the tax conditions does not behave as desired with the accruals settings.

  • Hello Mr. Lakshmipathi

    I am trying to obtain the same result but the problem is that in my accounting document the same amount is posted both for credit and for debit, so the final amount is 0. I did the following:

    - marked the Accruals flag in condition type details

    - unmarked the Statistical flag for the condition in the pricing procedure definition

    - inserted 2 different Account keys for the condition into the pricing procedure

    - configured account determination in VKOA to use a specific G/L Account (same g/l account in the last two columns) for the indicated Accrual Account key

    Tried different combinations, none worked. Basically, if I can make it just post the debit and not also the credit, it would be fine.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    Very useful post. We had a business scenario where in we wanted to take certain cost components from material costing into the pricing to calculate statistical margins.These conditions were statistical and we needed them to be posted into accounting. We followed the same approach. I believe that the same approach will work in MM Pricing also

  • I have the exact requirement with a pricing procedure and condition type however the statistical indicator is still set on the PO. Any ideas? Basically I would like a pricing condition type to show up on the PO without adding to the material price but it can still be invoiced. The condition type can't be set up as a delivery cost though because reversals don't work correctly.

  • Hi Laxmipathi

    Thanks for the post. Our system is configured the way you mentioned and I found your post as I was trying to understand how we were able to post to FI, though a condition type was showing as statistical in the billing document. However, I saw one difference from what you mentioned in the post.

    In our system, though we maintained two different account keys in the pricing procedure, we maintained the entry in VKOA for only one account key. We maintained two different GLs (normal and provisional) for the same account key and there is no entry for the other account key. Is this set up ok?

  • Hello,

      please, can you share the result of the posting made into accounting?

    I have done similar configuration, but the accounting document posts two lines for the amount related to the condition set as accrual: is this the standard behaviour? Is there any way with customizing to have just one line?

    Thanks and best regards,



    Hi Lakshmipathi

    My Requirement also same as Cosmin.  I followed all your suggested config and noticed accounting doc have entry of debit and credit.  Required  to post only Credit entry. Any suggestions would be greatly

    Thank you,



    The Blog is very informative. I have similar requirement where I do not need two values in the calculation of net price but needs them to be posted to accounting. But when I try to use above method I have to assign additional accounts where the values gets posted. And doing this I am able to see additional entries. Is there any way so that we can ensure that only one account will get posted for such conditions?

  • Dear Lakshmipathi Ganesan,

    Thanks for posting such ideas, which can help many people.

    We have the same requirement for our client, where surcharge amount should not affect the net value in the Sales Order/Billing document and the amount should post to a GL account. Same GL account amount will add to the existing report.

    Steps used:

    1)New Account key created

    2)Assigned in accrual's column in pricing procedure.

    3)Condition type activated for Accrual.

    4)Maintained the GL account for both Account keys() in VKOA.

    But, after implementing this, GL account is debiting and crediting at the same time. It means it's nullifying the amount.

    Please help..

  • Hello lakshmipathi,

    Our requirement is that the interest condition type value is included in the base price. I will follow the same procedureas you showed for the interest condition tyoe. But our other requirement is the base price should get deducted by the interest amount and that should be posted to the g/l account. How can i achieve tbat please?