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Recovering the administrator user

Generally, users on the site are blocked when completing three unsuccessful authentication, the user Administrator is no exception.

This paper presents the steps to enter an emergency user (sap *) and to reassign the administrator password.

To enable the user sap * must be activated a property through  ConfigTool and assign a password to that user.   

1. Enter to instance host with the adm user. Ej. <SID>adm
2. Before starting the ConfigTool, stops the instance through stopsap command.
3. Start the ConfigTool located in / usr / sap / <SID> / J <xx> / j2ee/configtool
Run:. /
Note that prior to export the display and start a client Xwindow, such as XManager.
Then the tool will appear.


4. Change to configuration mode through this icon/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/img2_117164.gif    and  you see this screen:


5. Locate property in the configuration tree on this path  cluster_config/system/custom_global/services



6. Change the view to edition mode though icon  /wp-content/uploads/2012/07/img6_117168.gifand you’ll see this pop up.


This message is just to warn you that the nodes must be in shut down mode.  Click Yes.

7. Double click over  Propertysheet properties.

8.  Locate ume.superadmin.activated  and  ume.superadmin.password   properties


9. Double click on ume.superadmin.activated  and set to  TRUE.  Press  Apply custom.


10. Double click on ume.superadmin.password and set a password.


11. Press  OK Button.


12. Exit configuration mode by clicking  again on the icon /wp-content/uploads/2012/07/img2_117164.gif.

13. Save changes by clicking on the icon /wp-content/uploads/2012/07/img12_117197.gif

14. Back the SO console  a start the instance.

15 Log in to    http://<host>:5<instanceID>00/useradmin    with user:  sap*   and the password assigned above.

Restart the Administrator’s password,  log off,  stop instance and repeat the steps above to set default values for properties ume.superadmin.activated and umesuperadmin.password.  Start the instance.

16 Log in with Administrator User.

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